5 Reasons to Buy Progesterone Machine For Dogs

Identifying your female dog’s ovulation period increases your chances of successful breeding as well as a larger size of litters. This is why progesterone machine for dogs is crucial in the entire process.

Physical signs can only guide you as much but they can’t and won’t ever accurately pinpoint the exact days your dog is ovulating or releasing eggs.

So any breeder who wants a successful pregnancy all the time knows the value of testing. If you’re still on the fence and wondering whether you should buy your own testing kit, below are more reasons to get one.

1.Accurate, Fast, and Reliable Results
Progesterone analyzers are designed to provide accurate, fast, and reliable results. Most machines provide 99% accuracy and will produce the same reliable results you’ll get from vet labs.

They also offer fast results, with some producing results in as little as 15 minutes. An example of this is the Windfo Finecare Vet. This machine can also run multiple tests, which can help you save time.

When breeding, time is important because you want to catch the “fertile window” of your dog. This is why it’s important to have your results no longer than 24 hours.

2.Save Thousands of Dollars
Having your own canine progesterone machine is a cost-effective alternative to the traditional way of getting your dogs to laboratories for diagnostic services and ovulation tests.

There are many different types of canine progesterone machines, but they all offer breeders the same thing: a chance to save money on lab testing. The cost per test in laboratories alone is enough to raise your breeding spending. Testing at home will not only be easy, but it will also help you save money.

3.Professional Interpretation of Results
A canine progesterone machine is a simple and convenient way to detect ovulation in dogs. They are designed to not only give you the results in quantitative figures or data but a complete and professional interpretation of the results.

The Bionote Vcheck V200, for example, includes the fertile ranges right there in your test printout. It also comes with a full-color timing chart so you’re never in doubt when your dog is in its heat cycle. Immulite 1000 and Mini Vidas are other machines that offer timing charts.

In-house testing for dogs can be as professional as lab testing when you have a good progesterone machine.

4.Profitable Service
You can buy a canine progesterone testing machine and offer it as a service to other dog breeders or other vets.

When you have your own machine, you not only save on expensive lab tests but also earn money by performing progesterone tests for others. Progesterone machines are typically easy to operate and require very little training, anyone can run them.

5.Ideal for Natural Breeding & Artificial Insemination
Most progesterone machines are well suited for use in monitoring natural breeding and artificial insemination.

So if you’re also breeding through AI, these machines will serve you well. Optimal times for natural and artificial insemination are different, and progesterone machines can provide you with analysis following progesterone ranges for both and guide you on the best time to naturally breed and inseminate semen.

Want Professional-Level Analyzers?
It’s important to understand when ovulation happens in order to increase your chances of having a larger litter as well as successful pregnancy. This is why having a progesterone machine can help.

A canine progesterone machine can be used to monitor the estrus cycle in dogs by measuring the progesterone levels during their reproductive cycles. If you’re looking for the best progesterone machine for dogs, visit MR Diagnostic Services for their professional-level canine progesterone analyzers.

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