5 Styling Ideas for Your Fox Fur Hooded Coat

We understand the bond that you have created with your fox fur hooded coat. It is a garment that is truly luxurious, stunning, insulating, and charming to boot. It is of the highest quality and, each time you wear it, you do so with pride and grace.

Whether you are new to this particular real fur garment or you have had yours for years, a little “spicing up” of how you wear it and what you pair it with won’t do you any harm!

Let’s take a look at just five of the “coolest” ways of wearing your fox fur hooded coat and hopefully, you can find a few new ways of rocking your favorite coat!

1.A Crop Top and Matching Pants
Crop tops have become increasingly popular in the fashion industry today. They are perfectly suited for all body types and accentuate the body in ways no other garment can quite replicate. While you are cozy with your coat, why not wear a crop top beneath it?

Once you open up your coat, you will show off your crop top just enough– but adding a perfectly matching pair of pants will improve the entire look overall. These pants can be jeans, flowy pants, or even leggings– whichever suits you and your event!

2.Turtleneck, Jeans, and High Heels
For those days or evenings that are especially cold and a crop top just won’t do, put on your favorite turtleneck and a pair of jeans. The turtleneck will elegantly stick out of the top of your coat while your jeans will assist in creating that casually chic look. Slip on a pair of your favorite high heels and you’ll have the hottest outfit nearly anywhere you go!

3.Solid-Colored Jumpsuit with Heels (Bonus Points for All Matching Your Coat!)
Symmetry is undeniably one of the most idealized aesthetic around, from interior design to fashion. You can wear your coat atop a jumpsuit and a pair of heels that all match seamlessly to attain that universally beloved symmetrical look. They can all be white, black, gray– whatever your heart desires. Bonus points for having them all match your coat perfectly, too!

4.Long Dress and High Heeled Booties
There is truly something enamoring about having a skirt or a dress just slightly poking out of the bottom of a luscious fur coat. It gives onlookers a delicate taste of your fashionable attire beneath your already fashionable coat. Once opened, however, your dress will be the talk of the town. With a pair of high heeled booties, you’ll even get to show off your legs (with pantyhose or not!).

5.Leather Black Pants and High Heeled Strappy Sandals
Leather pants are back on the fashion scene and we are here for it. Slip into one of these types of pants and partner them up with a cute pair of high-heeled strappy sandals. You’ll perfectly pull your outfit together and will even give yourself a wide range of choices in terms of tops! What is not to love about this ‘fit?

A Final Word
One of the luxuries of this type of coat is hidden in plain sight within it’s name: it’s hooded! That means that you can wear the hood up or down, regardless of your outfit choice, either option being a perfect accentuating factor to any look you’re after!

If you are ever looking for a new high-quality fox fur hooded coat, trust no one other than the dedicated and experienced team over at Maximilian. Browse their extensive catalog today and find your next favorite fur garment!

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