5 Tips for Choosing Your First (Pocket) Glass Pipe

We’ve all been there. You have some downtime before you need to show up or meet someone – just the perfect spot for a blaze.

But you can’t, because you either left the rolling papers at home or you can’t find a water pipe in your jeans pocket – too bad.

Of course, those are the times when a pocket piece is just what you should keep stashed in the front of your jacket.

But not all pocket glass is created equal. Before you visit the glass smoke shop, take these tips into consideration.

It should be small
It’s called pocket glass for a reason. It has to fit in your pocket. If you can’t enjoy a midnight toke while you’re out walking because your green is at home with the glass, then it’s too big.

Get something small and convenient, preferably with a shorter stem, since for a dedicated pocket spoon, it’ll hardly make a difference in the experience.

(But) The bowl shouldn’t be
Now, we can suggest you buy a small spoon – with a caveat. Don’t skimp on the bowl. You can always pack a large bowl with a little herb, but you can’t pack a small bowl for a group sesh.

Just food for thought – sometimes you need to pass around the pocket glass, too!

It should be affordable
Cheap, in this instance, is not a bad thing. In fact, cheap is a good thing. You can lose your pocket glass, lend it to a friend that “forgets” to give it back, or even more unfortunately, break it.

Hopefully, none of those will ever happen, but if you only spent a few bucks on your traveling smoking accessories, you won’t lose any sleep over it.

It should be made from borosilicate glass
This is important: soda-lime glass is prone to cracking and crazing, which can ruin the hand pipe in a heartbeat. Borosilicate glass (the stuff Pyrex glasses are made from) is much better at tolerating thermal stress.

Almost all high-quality glass pipes are made from borosilicate glass – but if you have questions, just ask the shop owner – or send them an email if it’s an online headshop.

If it’s a spoon, it should have a carb (carburetor)
If you’re getting a spoon pipe, look for a model with a carburetor, which is a small hole on the side of the bowl that allows you to regulate airflow to the bowl. This can give you much more control over the burn rate and heat, so you can control the smoke.

Bonus Tip: Maybe Pocket Glass Is Not What You Need!
One more thought – if you’re just looking for some glass, maybe a pocket pipe isn’t what you need.

Let’s face it – spoons deliver pretty harsh hits. Some people prefer the smoother hits or power of bongs and dab rigs. If you want something like that, leave the glass at home and get a water pipe or something else.

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