5 Top Reasons to Hire an eCommerce SEO Expert

There is no question that increasing your eCommerce site’s visibility and rankings can lead to higher organic traffic, improved user experience, increased conversion rates, and revenue growth. Much of this success starts with an eCommerce SEO campaign.

If done right, eCommerce SEO services present one of the most cost-effective way to reach your target customers. But while many business owners appreciate the role of SEO in the success of their business, some lack the skills or the tools to carry out all of the necessary steps to optimize their website for search.

If this is you or if you’re time is better spent running the business, getting an eCommerce SEO expert is one of the first steps you can take to get your eCommerce website to rank and become highly visible for long term success.

Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource your SEO to an eCommerce SEO agency.

1.Rank higher in search engine results pages
67.60% of all the clicks on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) go to the top five results of the first page.

Ranking high and getting on the first page of SERP make your website more visible, driving traffic to your website.

So if you can get to the top of the first page of Google results, you can grow and scale your eCommerce business quickly.

Reaching the top is only half the battle, though. Remaining on the top is much tougher. This is why partnering with experts in the SEO niche is advisable.

2.Increase your organic traffic
When you’re on the top of SERP, you get more organic or unpaid (as opposed to traffic resulting from paid ads) traffic.

An increase in organic traffic is good because…

●it’s free and is, therefore, a sustainable way of getting people to your website
●you get more exposure for your business which can only lead to more conversions and sales
●the traffic is targeted. The visitors are more likely to convert because they have a specific intention or a goal when they used the search terms they used. Providing them with answers or solutions they are looking for will highly likely result in a conversion

3.Have a stronger web presence
High visibility equals a stronger web presence. You can build your brand and encourage trust from potential clients by having a strong online presence.

This also leads to a high brand awareness which influences people’s purchasing decisions. Brand awareness impacts your revenue so if you can find an SEO agency that can help you improve your online presence, then you can establish your authority in your market.

4.Get an optimized site
SEO is not a one-time marketing strategy but an ongoing process of optimization. This is because the Internet and eCommerce in particular are dynamic. Changes happen every day.

To keep your site optimized at all times, outsourcing SEO to experts who can help you with the technical aspects of SEO can help keep your site in a tip-top shape.

SEO is not limited to keyword research and on-page optimization. There are a lot of things that go into making your site optimized for search engines’ algorithms and for your potential customers.

5.Keep up with industry trends and Google changes
Google makes algorithm changes multiple times each year. Thus, the SEO strategies that are working for you right now may not work for your online store tomorrow.

Hiring an SEO expert can solve this problem. An SEO company keeps itself updated with the latest SEO trends and algorithm changes that can and can’t significantly affect the performance of your website.

Keeping up with SEO changes can be tedious and time-consuming, particularly for busy business owners. SO if you don’t have the time and resources, it’s best to just hire an eCommerce expert who can make sure your website adapts to changes, whether in your eCommerce platform or Google.

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