6 Important Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder in Calgary


Looking for a reputable custom home builder in Calgary can be a daunting process- given that a wrong choice can turn your home building experience into a disaster!Looking for a reputable custom home builder in Calgary can be a daunting process- given that a wrong choice can turn your home building experience into a disaster!

Here, we have prepared for you 6 important questions that you MUST ask your potential home builder before moving on with your dream house project. 

1. How Many Years Of Building Experience Do They Have?
This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask your potential home builders. Like any other industry, the more the experience, the better the company. If someone has been in the market for a while, it can be presumed that they deliver quality work and service. 

You need to be sure that your builder is knowledgeable about zoning, landscaping, drainage, property lines, property values, the locations of sewer and water lines, building codes, and a lot more. It is always advisable to look for home builders that have at least 5 years of experience under their belt. 

2. Can They Provide You With References?
Don’t forget to ask for a few references- both past and present clients. An experienced home builder will have a long record of satisfied clients who can attest to the quality of the work they have done.

3. Are They Licensed And Insured?
You need to make sure that your builder is licensed in Calgary. You need to carefully examine the builder’s license; his legal legitimacy and accreditation from reputable local organizations are also crucial things to take into account. 

A good builder will have all safety mechanisms in place in case anything bad happens. You need to make sure that your builder has general liability insurance. 

Be sure you see all this paperwork before hiring your builder because your lender will need them to fund your project.

4. What Is Your Procedure For A Follow-Up?
A good builder will always provide you with follow-up options free of cost. A builder does not have the potential to be trustworthy if post-occupation service is not offered. 

5. What Features Are Included In The Price?
Working towards realising your dream house can be a thrilling experience, but be cautious of getting carried away. You need to ask your builder what features are included in the base price of the house, and what can be added via packages. 

Asking what features are included in a base pricing should be done with a grain of salt. Although one builder may be extremely inexpensive, the features you want might not be included without a significant upgrade.

Pay attention to whether the following finishes are included in the base price:

● Countertops
● Cabinets
● Electrical
● Tile
● Hardwood floors

6. Do They Have Expertise In Constructing Homes In The Design And Style That You Want?
This is crucial because every type of housing brings different difficulties. You want to be sure that the builder won’t be doing anything novel with your project, but rather will draw on a wide body of experience acquired from previous projects that were like yours.

Not only can the home builders guide you with the design phase, but it also becomes possible for you to see for yourself their completed projects and get an idea of what you might end up with.

To Sum Up
By asking these crucial questions to your potential custom home builders, you can effectively find a builder who is respectable, dependable, and who will provide a home that is not only a dream come true but also an asset that will grow in value over time.

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