6 Things You Didn’t Know Carbon Fiber Sheets Were Used for

Since it was first developed over a half-century ago, carbon fiber has been widely used in a large number of industries ranging from robotics and automation to medicine and even in the aerospace industry.

It can also be configured in a wide range of ways. It is made into carbon fiber plates, scales, panels, sheets, and much more.

These are some of the interesting things you may not have known carbon fiber sheets were used to produce.

Why Do Manufacturers Use Carbon Fiber Sheets?
There are a number of reasons that manufacturers choose carbon fiber panels or sheets over alternatives like aluminum or fiberglass for the following applications. Carbon fiber:

● Has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

● Can be made very stiff and has high tensile strength.

● Is chemically resistant.

● Can be made UV resistant through the use of special epoxy resins.

● Has a high-temperature tolerance.

● Has low thermal expansion properties

● And much more.

These are some of the products that carbon fiber sheets are used to make:

1. Snowboards
Snowboards must be light, strong, durable, and wear-resistant. They also need to be able to flex and load and release that energy consistently, to absorb the shocks of falling or performing aerial tricks. Extremely tough and capable of being manufactured to tolerances affording unique flexibility, carbon fiber is the ideal material for making snowboards.

2. Recreational drones
As recreational drones have taken off in popularity (please excuse the pun) manufacturers have gotten increasingly opportunistic about what they use to make the frames. Carbon fiber, which is nearly unparalleled for strength, weight, and durability, is the ideal solution.

3. Aircraft fuselages
Traditionally, aircraft fuselages have been made from aluminum, fiberglass, and even stretched canvas and other fabrics. However, modern engineering has made carbon fiber much more attractive for aircraft manufacturers. The same attributes that make carbon fiber appealing as a drone frame also make it suitable for the manufacturing of aircraft.

4. Automotive trim
Even though carbon fiber is light, strong, and durable, it’s also a highly attractive material that offers an ultra-high-tech, futuristic appearance. For this reason, automotive designers sometimes create custom parts out of carbon fiber for cars – such as gear shifts, dash panels, speaker bodies, door panels, and more.

5. Knife scales
The majority of knife scales are made from natural or synthetic materials such as bone, wood, stacked leather, FRN, or G10.

Carbon fiber offers the visual appeal and strength of each of these but is much lighter. Also, when created with UV-resistant epoxy, it’s perfect for use outdoors.

6. Ballistic shields
Military-grade armor is occasionally made using (or strengthened with) carbon fiber sheets. For instance, ballistic shields which must be lightweight and flexible, yet strong enough to withstand great impacts, are sometimes made of carbon fiber.

Where Can You Get Carbon Fiber Sheets?
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