6 Things You Need to Consider When Replacing Your Golf Stand Bag

Is the old golf stand bag on its last legs? If you can excuse the pun, if your golf bag is on the way out, then it’s time for you to replace it.

Before you do, look for the following features in one.

Weight (It Should Be Light)
First and foremost, a golf stand bag needs to be light. You need to carry these bags, loaded up with all your golf equipment, around a course.

Some of the lightest stand bags in the industry weigh less than three pounds when empty. Many others are between 3 and 5 pounds when empty – it’s hard to do better than that.

Also, consider ergonomic features like padded hip and shoulder straps, or configurable, breathable carry strap systems.

Collapsible Legs
This is pretty much a standard on golf stand bags, but it’s important nonetheless. Many golf stand bags are made with lightweight, carbon fiber legs that are very strong but still fold out of the way when not needed.

Full-Length Dividers
Shaft migration is a very real thing that you want to prevent. More importantly, you want to shield your (likely expensive, high-performance, space-age material) golf shafts from rattling around inside your golf bag and banging into each other.

Just like you’d use a club head cover to protect your expensive, precision-engineered golf clubs from damage, getting a stand bag with full-length shaft dividers will help protect your shafts from damage.

Water Resistant Design
Many golf bag designs are either made with fabric that is naturally water repellent or finished with a treatment that offers the same. Considering that you could get caught in the rain and you still need to keep your gear safe and dry, this is a highly beneficial feature.

Plenty of Room
You’ll also want a stand bag that has easily accessible pockets and plenty of them, as well as room for your clubs. Some stand bags, like the Sun Mountain 4.5 LS, have a 14-way divider and 9 pockets.

Specialized Pockets
Finally, look for a bag with specialized pockets, if you can – cart bags aren’t the only ones with these. Many stand bags have velour-lined valuables pockets, rangefinder pockets, cooler pockets for refreshments and water bottles, and more.

You don’t necessarily want to stuff your tees and gloves in with your lunch and a spare pair of shoes – get a bag that helps you keep it all not only organized but separate.

Where Can You Get Golf Stand Bags Like These?
If you’ve been around golf stand bags for any appreciable amount of time, you’ll know that these are not crazy custom features. Most if not all stand bags have them, to some degree or other, and they’re features you can find on top-selling golf bags from Sun Mountain, Titleist, Callaway, Mizuno, and others.

You can find these and other golf stand bags over at Dallas Golf Company (DallasGolf.com). Check out their collection and get in touch with them at 800-955-9550 if you have any questions.

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