6 Ways to Dress to Impress with a Fox Fur Hooded Coat

Certain seasons tend to either restrict or encourage our sense of style, whether we like it or not. Summer allows us to wear nearly anything that we want without any restrictions, like dresses with certain sandals or skirts with flowy shirts. Your winter style, however, is heavily contingent on the season, as it is too cold to show off your outfits and can then inhibit them.

Therefore, during the winter, your style is especially reliant on one garment in particular: your coat. That is why, when you are purchasing a winter coat, you have to take into account numerous vital factors: material, warmth, color, length, thickness, and even its accents.

That is where a fox fur hooded coat can come in to save the day. They will undoubtedly make you extremely warm and comfortable, but they will provide you with undisputed style during those colder months– especially when worn with the right outfits.

A coat with a fox fur hood can indeed be utilized to accomplish many looks, but did you know that it can be also used to impress someone on a job interview or other such occasion? Let’s take a look at just six ways to dress to impress with a fox fur hooded coat!

1.Visible Turtleneck
Having a garment under your coat that has a high neckline can appropriately “stick out” of your coat without sacrificing its unique look. It will be a subtle fashion element that will accentuate your coat and your overall outfit. It can either be a similar color to the coat or a contrasting color, depending on what you’re looking for.

2.High Heels
It is no secret that high heels are a widely popular fashion accessory– and this no-brainer will perfectly help you accomplish that impressionable look you’re after. There is no strict color or height requirement here, fortunately. Simply choose something that matches your outfit and coat while also providing you with a pair of shoes that are comfortable.

3.Matching Pants/Leggings
You can most certainly wear either pants or leggings with your coat with an appropriately stylish shirt of your choosing. These pants could really make your style “pop” if they were to match your coat, whether if match the fox fur in the hood or the outer style. We don’t recommend jeans, but definitely dress pants, leather leggings/pants, or other similar options.

4.Large Hoops
Where would we be without our accessories? When wearing a coat with a fox fur hood, you should add large hoops to majestically dangle from your ears. These beautiful pieces of jewelry add a clean yet glamorous look to the coat without taking away from its look. Plus, hoops can make your neck look longer, which will really make your style pop!

5.Popping Lipstick
Speaking of “pop,” now for a bit of makeup. Wear lipstick that will make your lips stand out! It’s no secret that lipstick is almost always a great idea for perfectly accentuating any look. Use this beautiful and classic piece of makeup (based on your skin tone and undertone along with your outfit, of course) to really bring out the most in any outfit!

6.High Ponytail
If you have long hair, a great idea for furthering your coat’s look is to wear a high ponytail. This ponytail will also make your neck stand out and be elongated, but not to worry: it won’t be too cold. It will be kept warm by the fur trim!

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