6 Ways to Separate Rooms and Create Optimal Privacy

While humans are overall known to be social beings, we also require privacy from time to time. If you share a bedroom with a roommate, you may be missing this necessary privacy. If you even live in a studio apartment, you may feel cramped being so close to the kitchen and other living areas, insofar as desiring your “bedroom” to be shielded from guests.

Fortunately, for those who require an extra element of privacy or even just want to create the illusion of it, there are plenty of ways of accomplishing your living space goals! Let’s take a look at just six innocuous ways to separate rooms without walls so you can get the most privacy in your home!

1. Japanese or “Shoji” Room Dividers
Envision a traditional Japanese home. The first thing you might visualize is their sliding doors with latticed screens that are covered with paper. That’s exactly what Japanese or shoji room dividers emulate, only they are transportable. These folding room dividers emit a tasteful, romantic aesthetic without being too attention-grabbing all the while giving you the privacy you require.

2. Bamboo Room Divider
There are also room dividers that are made of woven fabrics, such as bamboo. Bamboo room dividers typically come in more solid colors, being able to effectively match your overall interior design goals. Bamboo room dividers come in various numbers of panels to cozily fit in nearly any room and help you achieve your privacy goals.

3. Curtains
Who said that curtains are only made for windows and the shower? You can hang a curtain rod from pretty much anywhere you’d like and drape your preferred curtains from there! Then, you can draw or close them any time you’d like. Plus, you can add an extra element of cool and alluring aesthetic to your space.

4. Blackout Divider
Looking for something that will not only provide you with your desired privacy but also effectively block out sunlight and even be insulating? Then you need a blackout divider. These curtains are ideal for those looking for optimal privacy– and not just from guests and roommates but also the sun and cold!

5. Canopy Over Your Bed
If you want more privacy for your bed and/or you lack the space to hang something else, you can hang a canopy over your bed then add curtains of your choice! If your bed frame doesn’t have a canopy, you can simply hang curtains from the ceiling over your bed. Now you can really rest and sleep in peace!

6. Bookshelf
You could also place a bookshelf between your desired spaces in order to accomplish two major goals: provide that privacy you require and have a stunning storage space for books and other objects! You can place anything you’d like in your privacy-evoking bookshelf, such as books, souvenirs from your travels, favorite knickknacks, flowers, plants, anything you’d like!

When it comes to your home, you need to be comfortable– and that most certainly includes being able to have your privacy and alone time! For those looking to properly divide their space, look no further than the offerings over at Legacy Decor.

Legacy Decor has numerous high-quality and enamoring folding privacy screens and dividers and other decor pieces to make your living space a home. Browse their home decor collection today and find what will best fit into your home!

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