7 Careers Ideas for Mothers Returning to Work

women returning to work

The transition from motherhood to working can be a difficult one. Many women find it challenging to find a new career path that fits their lives and balances family responsibilities. If you are a new mother looking to return to work but aren’t sure which direction to go in, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! This article will discuss seven career ideas for mothers returning to work, why these jobs might be good options and how Refreshing a Career can support job seekers with children and employers to help everyone fulfil their potential. 

Interior design

There are many reasons women considering this career path can find it appealing, including the flexible hours and ability to have a home office. Many people also choose the profession because they enjoy working on projects for others while having creative control over their designs. This could be an excellent opportunity to embrace your creative side.

Blogging marketing and social media

This career path is an excellent option for women who want to work from home and have a flexible schedule. Many women find blogging an ideal position because it allows them the freedom to set their own hours, pursue side projects or creative endeavours, and stay connected with family. The demand for social media managers has also been rising recently, which means women looking to pursue this path will have great opportunities.

Customer service

This career path is beneficial to women who enjoy interacting with people and solving problems. Working as a customer service representative requires strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, patience, organization, and time management. These are all valuable characteristics to have in the workplace, and one’s mothers often have them in abundance.

Freelance designer or copywriter

If you enjoy design or writing, a freelance designer or copywriter job could be the perfect choice for women returning to work. Freelancing has many benefits, including flexibility and taking on side projects while also having time off when needed. Additionally, women who choose this path will have the opportunity to work from home, meaning there’s no need to pay for childcare.

Web design and Coding

Do you have a strong interest in computers and technology? Web design and coding can be excellent choices for women returning to work. This is because women who choose this path will often find themselves with flexible hours, the ability to set their own schedule, as well as having time off when necessary. The increasing number of already flex-working parent’s means there’s already an audience working to the same schedule as you.

Nutrition and wellbeing practitioners

If you’re looking for a new and exciting career, women returning to work in the nutrition and wellbeing practitioner field might be an excellent choice. This profession is ideal because women already have experience with how tricky it can be to eat right when juggling kids’ schedules; they will understand what clients are going through (and likely know some great recipes to help them out).

Nanny or Au Pair

If you’re going back to work and need childcare in the short term while your child is young, becoming a nanny or au pair might be an ideal choice for women returning to work. This position has many benefits, including flexible hours and the ability to work from home. This job also allows you to take care of your own child while you work and provide your child with that crucial socialization.

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