7 Reasons Custom Built PCs Are Better Than Macs For Gaming

Ever since the inception of the Macintosh in 1984, the computer world has been divided into two teams: PC and Apple.

This enmity has ranged from friendly competition to polite disagreement, to an all-out war at various points in computing history. There are positives and negatives to this. Among the positive aspects is that this tech war has pushed technology forward, providing tons of incredible products for consumers on all platforms.

The negatives have more to do with the confusion, and even animosity, that is generated when users want to find the best gaming computer for them.

So, the conversation about which platform is better for gaming has been raging on for decades. However, there are objective reasons custom-built PCs are far better than macs for gamers.

Lower Overall Cost
When you want to buy an Apple product, it usually means you will have little to no wiggle room budget-wise. Apple products usually have a fixed price that goes far beyond similarly specced PCs. There is no haggling, or shopping around. So forget about finding great deals. On the other hand, custom-built PC online stores offer you incredible deals almost every day, and prices that are way below Apple entry point products.

More Options
PC manufacturers have always focused on customization. While you can buy prebuilt PCs and make the most out of them for years without ever opening the case (please, don´t do that. Clean your PC up every once in a while), the true magic happens when you just need to upgrade a few components at a time. Mac products almost force your hand into throwing away the whole machine if any component goes bad by welding everything onto the motherboard. Contrastingly, PCs are far more accessible, giving users the ability to switch any piece without a problem so they can inject new life into their old computers without having to buy the whole thing again.

Cheaper Support And Repair Options
We must say that Apple´s customer support is hands down one of the best. When you buy an Apple product, you can trust their tech support staff to help you solve any problem… for 90 days. After that, you must pay a premium. Moreover, after they discontinue support for certain products, good luck finding a solution if any problem arises. On the other hand, PC manufacturers do offer decent product support and do not tend to charge extra for it. Besides, if your PC breaks, you can easily find a shop near you that can fix it. Moreover, many custom-built PC online stores, like CLX Gaming, offer north of 1-year free tech support and even a lifetime labor warranty.

Wider Variety Of Titles
While many AAA titles can be played on Mac machines, many publishers don’t want to go through the extra hassle of optimizing their games for macOS. That means that PC gamers have access to thousands more titles than Mac owners. They also can download tons of freeware games and apps that are typically off-limits for Mac users.

As I said. There are advantages to having an Apple computer. However, if you are passionate about gaming, you should visit a custom-built online store and get the gaming PC of your choice for the best price.

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