7 Stunning Style Ideas for Your Magnetic Anklet

Magnetic jewelry has recently become popular with people of varying ages and backgrounds in recent years. This is because magnetic jewelry not only looks remarkably fashionable but it can also potentially provide astounding health benefits to its wearers, such as pain relief.

Magnetic jewelry has been claimed to give health benefits which include but are not limited to:

● Improved circulation and blood flow
● Reduced joint pain, headaches, migraines, and other chronic pain
● Alleviate arthritis pain, swelling, and other associated discomforts
● Improved sleep (due to boost in melatonin levels)
● Anti-inflammation
● Improved healing time

While magnetic bracelets tend to be the favorite amongst the numerous magnetic jewelry options, there is another option that is quickly gaining ground: magnetic anklets.

Magnetic therapy anklets have the same advantages as any other magnetic jewelry (including magnetic bracelets), but they have the added benefit of being conveniently located on your ankle. This adds a unique flair to any outfit, can fit comfortably on your ankle, and won’t get in your way like bracelets occasionally do when cooking, typing on a computer, and so on.

These stunning pieces of jewelry can indeed sublimely complement nearly any outfit you choose to wear, but you may be searching for a bit of inspiration for your style choices. That’s what we are here to help you with today. Here are just seven style ideas for your outfits when wearing magnetic anklets!

1. Pair with a Pair of Capris Pants/Jeans
One of the key ingredients for outfit success when wearing any anklet, including those for magnotherapy, is not to cover them up too much with clothes. That is why we cannot recommend a pair of capris pants or jeans enough! You can properly show off your ankle bracelet but also wear a comfortable yet form-fitting pair of pants!

2. Strap On Strappy Sandals
If it is summertime, then it is time to let that anklet shine. Strap on a pair of your favorite strappy sandals, as they can be perfect for airflow for your feet and they won’t take the attention away from your anklet. In fact, they will let it stand out more so and get the attention it deserves!

3. Let it “Flow”: Wear a Long and Flowy Skirt
Regardless of the season, you can never go wrong with a long and flowy skirt! You can effortlessly be the spotlight of any room all the while being comfortable, fashionable, and flaunting that anklet bracelet!

4. Rock Some Heavenly High Heels
Wearing your favorite pair of high heels, no matter what color or design they boast, will allow your feet to have the two perfect accessories together: stunning shoes and a stunning anklet! Truly a match made in fashion heaven.

5. Dress Down with some Fashionable Sneakers
If you aren’t looking to wobble and topple in high heels, you can also opt for a pair of fashionable sneakers. We highly recommend a pair of low-ankle sneakers or even flats for a more dress-down occasion as they are comfortable and will seamlessly allow your anklet to be properly displayed.

6. Wear Two Anklets at Once!
“Double trouble” wouldn’t be such a bad thing in this instance. You can always wear two magnetic anklets– one on each ankle– for double the effects and double the flair!

7. Add in a Fun Toe Ring (or Two)
Who says that your ankles and feet could only wear anklets for jewelry? You could also add a cute toe ring or two (while wearing sandals so we can see them, of course!) to further accentuate your anklet!

While all of these style options are bound to make your anklet stand out appropriately, all would be for naught if you didn’t pair them with the best magnetic anklets available! Browse the offerings over at Jeffrey Scott Fine Magnetics to find the most high-quality, durable, and stunning magnetic jewelry options on the market today.

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