7 Style Ideas to Add “Flair” to Your Flare Leg Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are one of the most popular garments in the fashion industry today and it’s really no wonder as to why. This is due in part that they boast unique and eye-catching designs but also because they are easy to “jump” into, “suit” any body type, and can be worn comfortably all day long!

When you are wearing your favorite flare leg jumpsuit, whether it be to a formal occasion or to the grocery store, you know you look excellent– but you want to look your absolute best. That is precisely why we have created this style guide for you and your go-to wardrobe piece!

Try these seven stylish ideas the next time you wear your wide-leg jumpsuit and you’ll really add that perfect amount of “flair” to your whole outfit!

1. Jean Jacket
Jean jackets quickly became a popularized fashion item in the 1960s– and continue to be so to this very day. You can wear a jean jacket over your jumpsuit, whether you wear it as intended or drape it over your shoulders. You’ll both be looking superb and be kept warmer on those breezier days!

2. Blazer
Will a jean jacket not suit your more formal event? Then opt for a beautiful blazer instead. It will continue to keep you warm (even in those more-often-than-not frigid reception halls!) and have an outfit that is on par with your setting.

3. High Strappy Heels
With flare-legged bottoms, you need to find the perfect shoes that will not appear too overbearing or clunky yet are still stylish. That is why we cannot recommend a pair of strappy high heels enough. These won’t take the attention away from your entire outfit but will remain a stunning complement to your look (bonus points on finding high heels that have clear straps!).

4. Quirky Sunglasses
For those sunnier days, you of course need to have your trusty sunglasses on! But, you shouldn’t just wear any old boring pair of sunglasses. Instead, opt for quirky sunglasses! Half-lenses, light blue lenses, circular, aviators– anything that will stand out!

5. Bangle Bracelets
If you have a jumpsuit with short sleeves (or no sleeves!), we recommend adorning your wrist with several bangle bracelets. These are such popular accessories because they match nearly any look you’re after, can be worn anywhere, fit comfortably, and look exceptionally elegant!

6. High Bun
You can never go wrong with an up-do! By wearing your hair in a high bun (if you have long hair), you are perfectly illuminating your neck and neckline while also not taking too much attention off of your stunning ‘fit!

7. Large Hoops
Another superb jewelry piece to partner up with your jumpsuit is your earrings. We highly recommend large hoops to not detract your look as they will only improve it (especially when you wear them with an up-do!).

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