A Short Review of the 0450 Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife

Zero Tolerance is well known for producing stout flippers made from high-quality materials. They got their start producing knives for LEOs, paramilitary personnel, first responders, and more. However, they’ve grown and today they’re well-respected for their durable, dependable knives that can stand up to heavy-duty use.

Affectionately known as ZT knives, Zero Tolerance knives are ideal for EDC, tactical applications, or just throwing in a bug-out bag. This post will take a closer look at the 0450 Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife (titanium scales), to offer prospective buyers a bit more insight into its specifications and features.

Materials and Specs
This ZT 0450, designed by Sinkevich, comes with titanium scales and weighs just 2.9 ounces. It has a 3.25” blade, with a closed length of 4.1” and an open length of 7.4”.

This model’s scales are made of titanium, which is renowned for its corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight. This knife’s scales have a stonewashed finish, which offers a satin-like, tactile feel, which is not too slick to prevent the user from gaining a good grip.

As for the blade, it has a classic straight back design with a partial flat grind and a swedge that covers nearly the entire length of the spine. It’s made of S35VN “super steel” a CPM (crucible particle metallurgy) steel that contains 1.4% carbon, 14% chromium, 3% vanadium, 2% molybdenum, and a trace of niobium, at .5%.

CPM-S35VN steel gets high marks for toughness and corrosion resistance, but it earns its highest score for edge retention. This is an exceptionally hard steel, so expect it to keep a razor’s edge for a while. That comes at a small price; it’s hard to resharpen S35VN.

Now let’s cover some other basic features. This Zero Tolerance pocket knife’s smooth scales are comfortable in the hand, with no hard or sharp edges or corners. It indexes well, and it’s most comfortable held in the hammer or saber grip, but it’s not uncomfortable in a reverse grip, either.

The knife’s action is perhaps its most impressive attribute. It opens in a flash and very fluidly, thanks to the integral KVT ball-bearing system. Lockup is smooth, secure, and sound, and there is no play in the blade, either side-to-side or otherwise. Some users will also love the fact that this knife features a flipper mechanism. There’s no need to fiddle with thumb studs or holes; just a bit of pressure on the flipper and this knife will flash open.

This knife features a frame lock that’s ideally recessed, affording a strong lock that would be very difficult to unintentionally disengage. All the same, it is easy to locate and disengage instinctually, with a conscious effort.

As far as other niceties are concerned, this knife features a lanyard hole through the rear of the scales and comes with a pocket clip that allows for deep carry, tip-up only. However, it is reversible, so both righties and lefties can appreciate it.

It’s comfortable and convenient to carry, lightweight enough that you won’t notice it until you need to call on it, and rides comfortably whether you carry it by the pocket clip or allow it to float freely in your pocket.

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