Advantages Of Using Recruitment Platform

Recruiting top talent has turned into a necessity in the organization world today. There’s a growing pressure on recruiters to reach the best and most suitable personnel for confirmed job position.

The competition between companies is fierce, and sifting through volumes of recruitment data is time-consuming and counter-productive. It has triggered HR departments being overworked and rarely meeting the hiring quality they are simply desperate to attain.

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However, recruitment software shows that there is an alternative for this problem. This article shows you the features of using an automated recruitment platform and why you might like to consider using one for your business.

Advantages of an automated recruitment platform
An automated recruitment platform is a software solution which allows companies to automate recruiting tasks and workflows to enable them to increase recruiter productivity, accelerate time-to-fill, reduce cost-per-hire, and increase the overall talent profile with their organization.

Understand that the goal of automated recruiting software is never to lessen costs by replacing human recruiters. Instead, its purpose is to empower recruiters and improve the whole recruiting process, for both recruiters and candidates. Here are some of those unfortunate benefits associated with using an automated recruiting platform:

Cut on recruitment time
One of the most clear benefits associated with automated recruiting software is enough time recruiters save by automating aspects of their process.

The average recruiter spends anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of these day searching or screening new candidates.

By automating the sourcing and initial screening processes, recruiters can gain three to five 5 hours back daily that may be spent engaging with candidates, interviewing applicants, and performing other tasks that want human intelligence.

Improve the recruiter’s productivity and communication
When using traditional recruitment methods, recruitment teams tend to be confined inside their office, manually treating tedious tasks. Automated recruitment platforms remove a lot of this tedium. Tasks like sourcing candidates, scheduling interviews, screening people and even conducting criminal background checks can be streamlined through software solutions.

Additionally, this type of software provides some fantastic tools for communication and gives you to automate response emails, bettering your channels of communication and keeping prospects informed.

Increased social reach
Today, more than 40% of recruiting processes start social media. Using recruitment software enables you to to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and reach a wider selection of potential candidates.

Most recruitment software programs will include social media integration options that you can connect to your social media profiles, attracting more potential candidates.

Streamlines data collection
Recruiters gather a huge amount of data whenever a brand new job is posted: prospect names, contact details, resumes, notes. Each one of these must be kept safely and tracked when needed.

But keeping this information on a traditional spreadsheet is susceptible to errors, and much more importantly, it’s a risk of security.

Software-based recruitment solutions store all data in a single place and let you to organize and access data regardless of where you are. Recruiters can various platforms and tools through your recruitment solution, keeping data updated all the time and designed for everyone mixed up in process.

Enhanced reporting and analytics
More than just keeping your data safe and organized, automated recruitment platforms will help you to make use of it in a pertinent manner to enhance your recruitment process.

Do you know how your best prospects have initiated contact? Was it social media or a job board? Or just how long achieved it take you to fill a particular role?

Recruitment software will allow you to dissect this type of data, allowing you to map out your recruitment process and improve or change tips.

Better prospect experience
The average number of resumes for confirmed job posting is finished 100, and some coveted positions can reach over 200 applications.

So how can a recruiter provide a good hiring experience to all or any of them candidates, ensuring to not lose out on a perfect match? The answer is, of course, a recruiting software solution.

Automated recruiting platforms enable easy, one-click applications so as to encourage more individuals to apply.

Moreover, the software also has the capability to stay in frequent contact with applicants, giving individuals timely updates on the status in the recruiting process.

Additionally, automation ensures each step of the procedure can be as seamless as possible for candidates, who are in a position to move swiftly from uploading their resume to answering pre-qualifying questions and submitting their application.

And finally, using an automated recruitment solution reduces the time to hire, bringing the prospect experience even nearer to VIP levels.

Higher quality hiring
The fact that you can handle an elevated range of applications efficiently, gives you to pay attention to prospects that will really matter down the street.

Rather than wasting time on mismatches, the automated screening processes of recruitment software will leave you with the best prospects for the work. By automating, your recruiters can give attention to writing effective job descriptions, building a powerful employer brand, and conducting in-depth interviews.

These, in turn, will provide major benefits in the future – better retention, increased engagement, and optimal cultural fit of your employees within the business.

As you can see, your company can gain a lot by automating their recruitment process. Recruiting automation can truly improve your high-volume recruitment process and help you make it better, and pleasant, for everybody involved.

While it’s not meant to replace recruiters, it’ll free them from manual and tedious tasks, letting them refocus their attention on learning prospects and fully utilizing their interpersonal skills.

In a highly competitive job market, you should start taking full good thing about these perks as soon as possible.

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