An AR-15 Laser Light Combo Is One of the Best Investments You Can Make

An AR-15 Laser Light Combo Is One of the Best Investments You Can Make

Aside from the value of training at the range, one of the most practical (and potentially life-saving) investments you can make for your home defense weapon is an AR-15 laser light combo.

It will offer you a few simple advantages, but they can make you a more confident, more competent shooter, and they could even save your life.

What You Can’t See Can Kill You
First, let’s talk about something important here. What you can’t see can kill you, and that’s always been the case.

Just because you can’t see a hostile target in the dark does not mean that it cannot see you. In fact, concealment is one of the greatest advantages a hostile target can take. Being prepared with a weapon-mounted light is just one way you can take that advantage away.

Naturally, outfitting your rifle with a weapon-mounted light platform can help you establish a positive ID under adverse environmental conditions and farther away than would otherwise be possible.

You’ll be able to see better in the dark, which will help protect you, and you’ll also have the potentially dizzying advantage of bright light – provided the AR-15 laser light combo you get is adequately focused. Remember that lumen rating is important; you should get a brighter light, all things considered, with those rated over 1,000 lumens being preferable. However, candela rating is equally important, and the higher the candela rating, the more focused the beam will be downrange.

Now, it’s also an unsafe firearms handling practice to be muzzling any target if you are not 100% sure of its identity, backward and forwards. In adverse conditions, such as in darkness, in fog or smoke, or even in rain or snow, establishing positive ID isn’t just about saving you – it’s about general welfare.

The Value of Reflexive Shooting
The laser that’ll be included with your AR-15 laser light combo also offers a lot of value.

It does not mean you should ditch your scope, red dot sight, or iron sights in favor of this reflexive option; only that it can back you up.

The thing about shooting with a laser is that when properly tuned, a laser can give you a really good estimation of POI. As good or better, in fact, than some other sights or optics.

The great thing about a laser is that it’s effective in the dark and you can shoot reflexively, even offhand and with mounting errors. Try lining up sights in a hurry and you’ll see that there’s a serious reflexive advantage associated with shooting over a laser instead.

When milliseconds count, that slight advantage of being able to point and shoot reflexively with a flashlight and laser combo, especially at close ranges, can be a literal lifesaver.

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