Are High-End Gaming PCs Really Worth The Price?

For PC gamers, having the right hardware is critical if you want to play the games you love. However, with so many different components and price points, it can be somewhat difficult to determine if sinking a ton of money into your rig is really necessary or if you could theoretically get by with something lower to mid-range.

Are high-end gaming PCs worth it? Do they really make a difference?

In this article, we cover some of the more important points to consider when shopping for gaming computers, especially when it comes to the difference that certain components can make.

How Components Are Tied to PC Performance
For console gamers, finding the right hardware to use is simple. While some consoles include subtle variations, such as hardware space differences, in general your options are limited. The machines are designed specifically to run certain games at certain framerates and that’s that.

Gaming PCs are an altogether different beast. You have to consider how each and every part factors into the performance of the overall rig, and there are quite a few to consider after all.

Take the RAM, or graphics card for example. This crucial component is what renders the detailed graphics found in most modern day games. There is no one size fits all approach here. Different quality graphics cards do play a role in how well your games will perform, especially if you plan on playing AAA multiplayer games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, for instance.

You can’t get by with a low-end graphics card if you want to be able to play these kinds of games at optimal settings. You might be able to get by on the lowest graphics settings, but this will detract from the overall experience. And in some cases, this might not be enough. For games that have an incredible amount of detail or elements to process on screen at one time, even the lowest settings will chew up an out of date graphics card.

If we’re talking high-performance gaming PCs, you have to be ready to include the top components in the industry at any given time. Games are developed with these technological advances in mind. If you want to play at high framerates and get great performance, a mid range PC may just eke out enough performance power to allow you to play the way you want. Realistically, you want to go with the best specs available for your budget. This will not only ensure that you can play the games you love today, but your gaming rig will be somewhat future-proofed, for games that will be developed over the span of the next few years.

How Necessary Are High-End Components For Gaming PCs?
You can’t separate the two. If you want a quality gaming experience, you have to have a PC with the right components. And yes, the investment is worth it.

When it comes to gaming PCs, high-end components are a better investment. If you settle for the lower end components, you will be compromising and will ultimately have to upgrade or change out your PC in only a year or two anyway. The industry moves fast, and components get outdated quick. Unless you are just fine playing games that don’t use up a lot of resources, you are going to need a high-end gaming PC in order to play what you want, how you want.

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Gaming computers designed by gamers, for gamers. If you want a high-end rig that will provide buttery smooth performance no matter what you like to play, check out CLX and build the PC you want.

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