Battlegrounds Mobile India Kicks Off Lobby Screenshot Contest, Bans Over 181,000 Accounts for Hacking

Battlegrounds Mobile India players now have a chance to get a free Supply Crate Coupon by participating in the Lobby Screenshot Contest. Players will need to share a photo with their squad in the lobby on the game’s social media platforms to stand a chance to win. The contest is currently underway and will last for a week. Additionally, developer Krafton has acknowledged issues with its Twitter login and said that it is not an issue with the game. Furthermore, it has banned over 181,000 accounts for cheating and hacking.

Battlegrounds Mobile India recently crossed the 50 million downloads milestone and rewarded players with an outfit. Now, players have a chance to win a free Supply Crate Coupon by participating in the Lobby Screenshot Contest. All they need to do is share an in-game screenshot of their squad in the lobby to any of the game’s social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube with the hashtag ‘#BATTLEGROUNDSLOBBY.’

It can either be an image or a GIF and the participant needs to have captured it. Players will need to share their character UID number as well. The Lobby Screenshot Contest is underway and will last till August 24. After that, developers will review the submissions and announce 300 winners on its social media channels within 30 days.

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Recently, players raised concerns of Twitter login issues preventing them from logging in to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton has acknowledged the issue but stated that it is a problem with Twitter and not the game. Players will be notified when the issue is fixed.

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The developer also shared an update on bans and this time — between August 6 and August 12 — it banned 181,578 accounts for using “illegal programs” to gain unfair advantage in the game. This is a permanent ban and players will not be able to enter a match with these accounts. Recently, it said it banned 336,736 accounts between July 30 and August 5.


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