Behind the Popularity of the STLTH Delivery System

The original JUUL was a groundbreaking device in the world of vaping, introducing users across the country with a draw-activated, convenient system that was easy to stash, carry and use. Since its introduction in 2015, the JUUL has been copied several times over.

The thing about JUULs is that, despite their ease of use, the design has hosted many user complaints, such as short battery life, low pod capacity, and leaky pods.

STLTH Vape is one of the companies that’s changing all that.

STLTH Vape was created by a group of innovated ex-smokers who were set on the goal of introducing quality, useful alternatives to traditional tobacco products. They develop, test, and produce these alternatives with the help of third-party labs.

The STLTH Delivery System, and the pre-filled STLTH pods it uses, are at the center of their vision. They are very popular, discrete, draw-activated vape devices in the current market.

The popularity of the system is attributable largely to the fact that it is ergonomic, discrete, offers higher capacity than some alternatives, and takes convenient pre-filled pods available in a range of flavors.

The Usability of STLTH Devices
The STLTH Device is extremely user-friendly and very compact. In order to use it, all you need to do is charge it using a micro-USB cable, insert a STLTH pod, and draw.

Battery life will vary according to how heavily the device is used, but STLTH itself has commented that the battery should last about 200 puffs per charge, all things considered.

They also sell these devices bundles as starter kits. The STLTH device is simplified, eliminating the confusion of tanks, coils, and batteries for those that simply want to enjoy the experience of vaping.

Much of the joy of using STLTH devices is attributable to the pre-filled STLTH pods with which the device is compatible.

STLTH pods are ergonomic and come pre-filled. They are not refillable but they come with 2ml of e-liquid, which is higher than the industry standard. By contrast, JUUL pods come with only .7ml of vape juice – the STLTH pods are more than double that, so they last much longer.

STLTH pods are also available in a wide range of unique and popular flavors, including but not limited to Mango, Honeydew Menthol, Blueberry Ice Mint, Berry Blast, Frost, and even a classic Tobacco Blend for traditionalists.

Users also appreciate their ingredient profile, which consists of PG, VG, nicotine, and food-grade flavorings.

Where Can You get STLTH Pods?
Convenient to carry, ergonomic and easy to use, fast charging, and with a high e-liquid capacity, STLTH devices and the STLTH pods they use are a popular, cost-effective choice among vapers looking for convenience.

If you’re looking to pick up a STLTH device or already have one and are on the hunt for new flavors, check out the online vape shop Ill! HQ Vapor at They carry a wide range of vape devices, juices, and accessories, including STLTH pods and vapes.

Take a look through their online catalog and if you have any questions about these vape devices or the pods they take, contact their customer service team at 905-735-9393.

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