Benefits of Magento 2 you just can’t resist

Many of the world’s leading brands have placed their trust in Magento 2 not without reasons. This is one of the leading ecommerce platforms and software available today that lets you create a full-fledged online selling website with the least efforts. One of the best points of Magento 2 is its innumerable extensions that let your ecommerce website come out great with rich features and enhanced convenience. In the US alone, over 45.80% websites are powered by Magento 2 while this is one of the leading ecommerce software used in the UK. Here are a few impressive features of Magento 2 you will admire.

Performance and scalability
Magento 2 is known for its superior performance over Magento 1. The enhanced indexer of this software helps increase the speed of its query performance. Indexing is used to convert merchant data including catalogues, users, prices, stores and others into index tables and update them regularly to enhance the performance of the online store and the query speed. Some of the compelling advantages of Magento 2 include optimization of the web pages for faster deployment, enhanced server response time for every website activity, improvised efficiency across all the backend operations, and enhanced database for scalability and flexibility to be able to handle the peak loads easily.

Sophisticated checkout process
For any ecommerce website, the checkout process is highly important since it is one of the aspects that decides whether you are able to complete a sale or not. Statistics show that the shopping cart abandonment rate across major ecommerce websites is more than 69.3% in an average. An effective checkout process that is faster, easier, more user friendly, provides a lot of payment options, and offers a lot of shipping options can help bring down the cart abandonment rates. By facilitating a convenient and feature-rich checkout process, Magento 2 can increase the conversion rates by about 40%.

Mobile-friendly store
There is a significant change in the way people access information. Today, mobile devices like phones, watches, tablets and laptops are used more for browsing the internet and access products and services. It is necessary that any ecommerce website must be more mobile friendly now to ensure success as studies show that over 80% users of internet own smartphones and over 62% of the smartphone users have purchased at least one product over the last 6 months. The mobile friendliness of Magento 2 means it is highly relevant during these days to appeal to customers using their mobiles for online shopping.

Easy upgradability
One of the most desirable possibilities you must have in the ecommerce platform you use for your online store is upgradability. When it is time to upgrade your online store, Magento 2 can support your ambitions effectively and hence you stand to gain immensely from the superior upgradability of Magento 2. This ecommerce store development platform also provides the best security features that is not easy to break in. Hence you gain in every possible way while you hire Magento 2 developer India to build your online store on this incredible platform.

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