Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber Scales for Your Knife

Using the most high-quality materials for manufacturing nearly any product is one of the key ingredients for success– and that includes the creation of knives. This is undoubtedly true for not only a knife’s blade but also for its handle.

A knife handle should fit comfortably in a user’s hand while simultaneously providing the entire tool with sturdiness, efficacy, and balanced weight and the user with unwavering confidence. Basically, the handle is extremely important, almost as important as the blade itself.

Knife handles can be made of several different materials, including:

● Natural (wood, bone, antler, horn, and ivory)
● Fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN)
● G-10
● Micarta
● Aluminum
● Carbon fiber
● Stainless steel
● Titanium

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Scales for Knife Handles
While all knife handle materials offer varying advantages and disadvantages to both the knife and its user, one of the most reliable is undoubtedly carbon fiber. When knife handles are intricately designed then crafted with carbon fiber scales, the benefits are truly astounding.

Lightweight with an Impressive Strength to Weight Ratio
Having a lightweight knife is ideal for a variety of reasons. They can assist you in completing a number of tasks, such as carving and even skinning. Plus, if you consider yourself to be an outdoors enthusiast and typically carry your knife with you (like while hiking or hunting), you undoubtedly want something that’s light as to not add too much weight to your pack.

In comes carbon fiber. It is an impressively lightweight material– it is five times lighter and significantly less dense than steel. Another astounding trait that coincides with its weight is its strength. Its strength to weight ratio (also known as specific strength) is second to none. Its specific strength is 2457 while steel alloy, for example, is just 254!

Sturdiness and Rigidity
Having a knife that you can rely on is a key concept for all knife owners. With a knife that has a handle made of carbon fiber, that is a box you can certainly check. Carbon fiber scales provide a knife with unparalleled strength and rigidity. You can utilize your carbon fiber knife with confidence as carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials available (it is five times stronger than steel and has double the stiffness of it!).

Having a knife that works appropriately in all weather conditions is key for most knife users. Fortunately, you can use your carbon fiber knife handle in nearly any environment, as it is weather-resistant. As an added bonus, if the scales are UV stabilized, they are shielded from the corrosive effects of UV rays.

Isn’t it always better to purchase something that you know will work for you for years to come? That’s precisely what a knife with a carbon fiber handle can do– and it can do it possibly forever.

So long as carbon fiber doesn’t take a severely traumatic hit of some kind, it can theoretically last forever because it remains stable, unlike materials like steel and aluminum, which only last until the metal inevitably fatigues.

Sleek Appearance with a Variety of Weaving Patterns and Designs
While all of the aforementioned benefits are excellent for usage, what about how your knife looks? No one wants an ugly knife– especially not one that looks cheap or poorly made! Fortunately, carbon fiber not only provides your knife with ideal practicality but also an optimal aesthetic. It is sleek and can be found boasting a wide variety of weaving patterns and designs.

Where to Purchase High-Quality Carbon Fiber Scales
When searching for carbon fiber products, including knife scales, put your faith in Protech Composites to supply you with what you need. Their scales are UV stabilized and Protech guarantees all of their carbon fiber products completely lack voids, pinholes, and porosity. High-quality carbon fiber every time. Give them a call today to get started on your custom carbon fiber project at 360-573-7800.

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