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Boho beauty is a great choice for sustainability as it often promotes natural materials, ethical fashion and conscious consumption. It is also a style that can be very individualized and unique to each individual.

From vintage embroidered tunics to beaded bracelets and gem-decked hoop earrings, bohemian jewelry is truly maximalist. It is usually made with natural materials and features a variety of intricate patterns.

Embracing Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials is a hallmark of the bohemian style. From the woven fabric of throw pillows to the fringed and tasseled details on macrame wall hangings, the bohemian decor is infused with a sense of earthiness. Rattan and raffia furniture are common pieces that bring a boho feel to a room, while a variety of wood accents work well as well. A large number of house plants and layered area rugs complete the boho aesthetic.

Multiple seating options are also important for bohemian living spaces. Floor pillows and Moroccan ottomans make great seating alternatives to chairs, while a plush sofa with saturated colors will add coziness and a relaxing atmosphere. For a color palette, choose soft neutrals that will withstand a few changes in wall decor and draperies without needing to repaint the whole space. The use of natural greens and earth tones is a classic boho hue choice.

Supporting Ethical Fashion

A large part of the Boho movement is supporting ethical fashion and lifestyle choices. Boho enthusiasts often shop secondhand and vintage, and they often use natural materials for home decor, minimizing their ecological impact. They also make an effort to buy locally and support local communities when traveling, avoiding the negative impacts of big box stores.

Ethical brands create a variety of modern bohemian and hippie styles, ranging from casual to formal. Ethical clothing brands are committed to using sustainable practices, fair labor, and organic or recycled materials in their production processes.

For instance, Spell is a California-inspired brand that uses organic and natural materials to create dresses. Odd Molly uses organic and eco-friendly fabrics like Tencel made from renewable eucalyptus wood, and ECOVERO (made from recycled plastic). Founded by 2 sisters, their label offers a modern bohemian style that’s ethically made. Other ethical brands that create feminine bohemian and hippie styles include Bird + kite, crafted in Thailand; and, OhSevenDays, a family business in Turkey that offers more whimsical, feminine designs.

Choosing Secondhand and Vintage

Bohemian style is all about being free-spirited and embracing cultural influences. That’s why it’s so important to support ethical fashion and choose secondhand and vintage clothing when shopping for your boho aesthetic. Not only does this reduce waste, but it also makes your clothing and accessories more unique and eclectic.

Choosing secondhand home decor is another great way to go green when creating your bohemian look. Instead of purchasing brand-new rugs, lamps, or throw pillows, shop for woven baskets, tribal-inspired vases, juju hats, and hand-carved wood side tables from your favorite thrift store or local antiques market. Displaying heirlooms and souvenirs from your travels is also encouraged in this style to tell a story of your global experiences.

If you’re looking for more sustainable boho fashion, consider shopping for a dress from the vegan brand Amour Vert or a maxi skirt from Beyond Retro. These companies both focus on making eco-friendly clothing and support the sustainability of their workers in developing countries.

Using Sustainable Home Decor

Incorporate boho beauty into your home design by using sustainable materials and incorporating secondhand and vintage. These eco-friendly choices reduce waste and help you create a more unique style that’s all your own.

Embrace the bohemian spirit with soft, woven natural furniture made of materials like rattan or jute. This versatile material is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable. It’s also a great choice for pillows and other textiles.

Another way to sustain your boho look is with fair-trade home decor items. This includes candles, picture frames and other accessories that are sourced through a network of global artisans. This means you’re supporting fair wages, sustainable communities and reducing environmental impact.

Shop a wide range of boho-inspired home d├ęcor items at BunyaBunya. This boutique offers a curated mix of bohemian beauty, art and wanderlust in the quintessential New England town of Stowe, Vermont. Whether you’re looking for an ethically-sourced tassel throw blanket or a raffia bolster pillow, this destination is the place to discover the perfect piece for your home.

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