Buyer’s Guide to Digital Panorex X-ray Machines

Modern panoramic dental X-ray machines have been around for decades, and over the years, there has been tremendous innovation in the technology available to dental professionals today. With more manufacturers and models available today, it may become difficult to select the right imaging equipment to meet the needs of your practice. Consider how your practice will use a panorex X-ray machine to serve your patients, then assess the imaging capabilities and additional features such as standard panoramic, pediatric, and extraoral bitewing programs. Here are the primary things to look for when shopping for a digital panorex X-ray machine.

What to Look for in a Panorex X-ray Machine

Compatibility: The most important thing to keep in mind is whether or not a specific machine will integrate with your current practice workflows. Many digital panoramic systems can integrate with common interfaces such as “TWAIN.” The ability to integrate with your existing workflows will allow you to pull up a scan into your software as an image file. This type of functionality will allow you to keep your current imaging software without needing to add another application into your system just for the panoramic unit.

Alternative Views: Many new digital panoramic X-ray systems allow you to collimate the exposure area down to smaller areas, such as only to show certain areas of the jaws or of certain teeth.

Footprint: Manufacturers are creating slimmer, more ergonomically conscious machines than ever, but you still need to consider how the machine will fit into your office. Remember also that the machine must not simply physically fit into your practice, it also needs to fit into an area that accommodates your patient flow.

● Upgradability: If you are considering getting a 3D cone beam system at some point but feel that only 2D panoramic functionality is warranted for your practice at the present time, consider a machine that offers a path to upgradeability. Many panorex X-ray machines are easily upgradable to ceph and dental CBCT modality through the manufacturer and it is much more cost-effective to buy a machine and upgrade it than it would be to purchase two separately. Some machines give you the ability to easily switch out sensors between 2D and 3D imaging and many come with the ability to add lateral cephalometric imaging functionality as well.

Warranty: Digital panoramic machines are built to last, but they still have moving parts. Consider warranty information and details such as how long it could take a service technician to come to your office for a repair. You can’t just send these machines “in” for repair – specialists must come to you.

Manufacturer: Become familiar with the manufacturer and its reputation in the industry. Choosing a model from a well-established manufacturer with a good reputation for competent customer service is less of a gamble than going with a lesser-known make.

Price: Ultimately, one of the most important considerations for dental practices is the price tag of a panorex X-ray machine. Digital X-ray machines are a significant investment for your practice, especially when purchased new.

Choosing a pre-owned digital panorex X-ray machine gives you the ability to provide your patients with all of the benefits of a panoramic system (with the potential to upgrade to cephalometric or CBCT modality) at a significantly lower price than purchasing new.

As a leader in certified pre-owned dental imaging equipment, Renew Digital offers the widest range of certified pre-owned digital dental panoramic systems, which can save dental professionals up to 50% new list prices for the same model unit.

Their team ensures quality through a rigorous system of testing and inspection to guarantee that the equipment they sell operates safely and efficiently.

If you’re considering purchasing a panorex X-ray machine, consider a certified pre-owned system from Renew Digital. Their experienced, brand-neutral staff can help you decide on the best system for your practice’s imaging needs.

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