By Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair cover,3107 chairs leather covers

The company manufactures genuine leather Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair covers, 3107 chair leather covers.

Genuine leather is lightweight and has no bulk. They are made of a protective layer and are extremely durable. The companies also offer easy-care leather cleaning, which aids in the preservation of high-quality leather for a longer period.

The Jacobsen chair’s base is made from pure and long-lasting leather. The latex is non-slip and provides perfect fit cushion covers for your chair.

The vast variety of chair cover designs redefines the definition of style and beauty of your chair covers in any setting, whether it is in your living room or a commercial hotel or office. The covers are stain-free and ideal for families with pets and children. The covers are designed in such a way that they conceal any stains, tears, or scratches. The covers can cover the chair from tip to top, back to front, and offer a variety of designs and comfort options based on your preferences.

A small piece of cover can make a big difference at your event. They can be used to decorate chairs and make them look elegant at any event. You can use these Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair covers, 3107 chairs leather covers to add a touch of sophistication to any series 7 3107 chairs. The company has created designs that are perfectly suited to your aesthetics and exude a sense of vogue.

Processing time

The shipping time varies depending on the order and the availability of the design in the stores. Smaller packages are sent within one business day, whereas larger items can take up to three to four business days due to freight box packaging issues.

Due to handling and care, a few items may take longer than expected. Cushions, upholstery, and spare parts are examples of these items. Each item’s upholding time is listed separately in the description box.

Estimated shipping times

The estimated shipping time is six to twelve business days. The companies make every effort to meet shipping estimates but make no guarantees. The actual shipping depends entirely on the shipping methods used.

Customs and import taxes: Buyers are liable for any applicable customs duties and trade tariffs. they are not directly to be blamed for customs delays.

Terms and conditions 

  • Payment methods include PayPal express with American Express, maestro, or visa.
  • Return or exchange requests are accepted by the company, but only within 14 days of delivery.
  • The company does not provide a cancellation policy. If you have a problem with the product, you can simply call and ask questions.
  • If the buyer wishes to return the item, he is responsible for the shipping costs. If the product is damaged, the buyer is solely responsible for any monetary loss.

Taking care of the product

It is not recommended that you dry clean the chair covers. The Arne Jacobsen 3107 chair cover,3107 chairs leather covers should be wiped down with a damp cloth and not ironed.

And, contrary to popular belief, the chairs are not sold with their covers.

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