Can a foreign pharmacist work in Canada?

Pharmacists are responsible for dispensing prescription medicines and advising patients about proper use of drugs. Many Canadian provinces require pharmacists to be registered with their respective board of pharmacy in order to practice. This includes Canada.

If you want to work as a pharmacist, you must have completed a minimum of 3 years’ community college or vocational education programs. You must pass an Canada Pharmacy examination to become licensed to practice. After you have earned a diploma or a degree in pharmacy, you can become a registered pharmacist. You can also work as a pharmacist while you study to qualify.

You can also opt to become an international pharmacist. In this case, you will need to meet the qualifications. A Canadian pharmacist must pass the Pharmacy Examining Board (PEBC) examination. This examination is held at least once a year.

An international pharmacist will have to meet the same requirements. The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada has a variety of jobs available for qualified candidates. If you pass the examination, you will be offered one of these jobs. You will need to submit an application in order to be considered for the job.

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