Can I Still Wear a Heavyweight Cotton Hoodie in the Summer?

As the seasons shift, we tend to shift our perspective of our wardrobes as well, pushing out some of the clothes that are better for the previous seasons, and bring out the rest of our clothes to the forefront. It makes it easier to dress appropriately for the season and to get adjusted to the changing weather.

As comfortable as we may have gotten in our warm sweaters and cozy coats, we have to accept that the weather is indeed changing and the best thing we can do is embrace it and leap into the new season with all of our favorite spring and summer pieces. One of the last things you would expect to wear in the summer is a heavyweight cotton hoodie for example.

But who is to say you absolutely cannot wear some of your fall favorites in the spring or summer? Why can’t you enjoy those pieces any time of year, just in new ways to make them work well with the changing temperatures?

If you love your heavyweight cotton hoodie so much, you can just find new ways to wear it that will allow you to still be comfortable for the weather. From what we can tell, these are the best ways to pull off wearing a heavyweight cotton hoodie in the spring and summer, but feel free to use this as inspiration to help you think of new ways for yourself.

Comfortable Pajamas
Even if you do not want to step out into the world wearing a heavyweight hoodie, you can still enjoy the coziness of your hoodie indoors all you want. If you are sitting inside of a temperature controlled home, especially during the more chill evenings of summer, you will feel pretty comfortable in a hoodie.

It helps that cotton is known to be one of the most breathable fabrics out there, so it allows air to flow through freely, keeping you cool. When you want to feel the most comfortable and cozy inside your own home, a heavyweight cotton hoodie can help.

Cropped for a Cute Style
This styling option is really for those who are a bit more daring and don’t mind customizing their clothes to make it perfect for them. To really make your heavyweight cotton hoodie work into your summer style, you can crop it to a higher cut, as high as you feel comfortable. It could be a few inches, or all the way up.

This makes the hoodie easier to wear in the heat with more airflow. Plus the moisture wicking properties of cotton will help you feel cooler as you sweat throughout the day.

Depending on how you feel in each style or what you are willing to do with your hoodie, you can get a fun style that works well and makes this single garment fit into your life across seasons. You just need to start with a great heavyweight cotton hoodie.

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