Cannabis Consumer Behavior: 5 Important Insights

The CANNApinion Poll, administered by ISA Corp on a bi-monthly basis to 1,000 cannabis users of different age groups and demographics around the country, offers some excellent, actionable insights into cannabis consumer behavior, preferences, and interests.

These are just a few of the important insights gleaned from recently collected data from their CANNApinion Poll, which can be of great value to entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, or those considering entering.

1. Most consumers have a favorite dispensary. This may influence buying decisions.
From January to March of 2021, 68% of respondents to the CANNApinion poll reported that they have a favorite dispensary.

This insight reveals plenty – not the least of which is that users are potentially brand loyal and that this could also serve as a barrier to entry, at least for new dispensaries.

A more lucrative decision might be to develop new cannabis products and partner with existing dispensaries to sell them.

2. Most consumers consider selection or variety very important for a dispensary to offer.
While it’s possible that cannabis users might all have their given preferences in terms of edibles, oils, flower, or even brands, a large number also consider variety and selection of products central to the experience.

From the same CANNApinion poll mentioned above, 64% of respondents said that the selection a dispensary offers is vital in deciding whether or not to choose a dispensary.

So while you might expect to generate the largest portion of your cannabis sales from only a handful of product types categories, attracting new customers might come down to a matter of offering the bells and whistles anyway.

3. Over half of consumers consider vendor experience very important.
The same CANNApinion Poll indicated that 63% of consumers consider “knowledgeable budtenders” to be an important factor when determining whether or not to become a dispensary customer.

That is, the members of this market are well-informed and they expect the same from their cannabis dispensary.

Hiring people that are as passionate about different strains, products, and the experience of it all may be a significant impactor on sales and customer retention.

4. A vast majority of consumers are interested in visiting a cannabis bar or lounge.
It turns out the market may not just be attractive to dispensaries that offer cannabis products for sale. A large number of customers are interested in the communal experience.

Specifically, 81% of respondents answered that they were interested in visiting a cannabis bar or lounge.

5. Nearly a third of cannabis users said they only didn’t use a cannabis delivery service because it wasn’t available in their area.
This is one of the most telling statistics of all (from the February to March 2020 CANNApinion Poll): 30% of respondents said they hadn’t used cannabis delivery services before – but only because they weren’t available in their area.

In this era, delivery services are growing in demand in many industries, including, apparently, in the market for cannabis products. Dispensaries that don’t currently offer delivery services should strongly consider doing so, or at least investigating their current customers’ interests.

Looking to Learn More About Cannabis Consumer Behavior? Partner with ISA Corp
All of the insights presented here came from relatively recently administered CANNApinion Polls from ISA Corp. An increasingly pro-cannabis movement across the country will no doubt expand the market for legal cannabis use, increasing opportunities for recreational cannabis retail and medical cannabis products.

Being informed about cannabis consumer trends can account for the difference between a successful professional venture and a poorly informed decision.

Gathering information about cannabis consumer behavior can be the secret to success. To learn more about the different services offered by ISA Corp, including but not limited to the CANNApinion Poll, please visit the previous link or contact them directly at or at 818-989-1044.

For more information about California Cannabis Consumer Data and Cannabis Market Research Company New York Please visit: The ISA Group.

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