Cannabis Purchasing Behavior Research & Why It’s Important in 2022

Exciting changes in the cannabis legal landscape may happen this 2022. From a marketing standpoint, this prompts the need for a more thorough study of cannabis purchasing behavior in the country—at least if you want to be at the forefront of the change.

With the passing of the bill to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level by the House Judiciary Committee in late 2021, cannabis may be sitting on the cusp of commercialization.

You may recall that legislation to protect banks servicing cannabis businesses has also passed the House, and if the rise in big pharma companies investing in cannabis is any indication, we may soon see marijuana following the alcohol distribution model.

So if you’re in the cannabis business, you can’t afford to wait for D-Day to happen before you take some action.

Getting valuable insights on what kind, why, when, or how often cannabis consumers buy is most important if you want to be able to succeed in this soon-to-be more competitive than ever industry.

Understanding how cannabis consumers behave while they decide to buy a product that satisfies their needs can help you create effective marketing strategies for your business.

Here are more reasons why:

Attract and retain customers
Conducting research on consumers’ purchasing behavior is critical not just for attracting new consumers, but also for retaining existing customers.

Consumer research is the key to improving your product so you can keep your existing customers and successfully market to new ones.

By identifying the preferences, attitudes, motivations, and overall buying behavior of your targeted customers, you can create marketing campaigns that can boost your customer base as well as your revenue.

Improve your customer service
Some of the things that influence purchasing behavior are the price of the item, the risk involved in the purchase, availability, variety, and more.

When you know what’s influencing your customers’ purchasing decisions, you can adjust not just your marketing but also the level of customer care you give to them.

Depending on purchase motivation, different levels of customer care are required by different customers, and knowing the distinctions within your client base can help you give the most appropriate service for each of your customer’s demands.

By conducting research on your customers’ purchasing behavior, you’ll be able to improve the kind of customer service you provide.

Stay relevant to your target market
One of the biggest challenges cannabis businesses will face this 2022 is staying relevant to their target market.

With federal legalization, consumers will have more options, which means they may quickly switch to a superior brand.

A big shift in cannabis consumption perception is highly likely. Studying your consumer’s behavior will allow you to see and seize the opportunities in all changes.

Innovate your offerings
You also want to innovate your product offerings if you want to stay relevant and not lose your market share.

In 2021, for example, some brands marketed cannabis in an entirely new way a lot of traditional cannabis products have been marketed.

Some innovative cannabis products that came out include hard candy drops, sleep gummies, and flavorless liquid cannabis that you can add to any drink such as your morning coffee, tea, juice, or wine.

Get a competitive advantage with cannabis purchasing behavior research
Cannabis legalization on a federal level may be on the horizon. And as more and more established companies outside of the cannabis industry expand their foothold in the market, competition can only get tough.

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