Cool Pistol Accessories That Actually Serve a Purpose

One might say that a number of shooting accessories are good ideas in theory but not as practical as they might hope to be. Let us also say that anything that isn’t fully “practical” has no business in or around a platform that can save your life.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at some of these wildly practical, noninvasive pistol accessories that aren’t just cool – they serve a purpose.

Pressure Activated Laser Sights
Laser sights are useful for making reflexive shots and connecting with a target without needing to line up iron sights or crosshairs – but the thing about constant-on laser sights is they’re not really practical.

Pressure-activated laser sights can be instinctively activated and only shine when you need them to – offering all of the potential advantages of laser sights without the drawback of betraying your position.

Tritium Night Sights
Tritium night sights are another really cool pistol accessory that does more than just look the part. Traditional optics and red dots, not to mention traditional iron sights, are not particularly practical in the dark.

Tritium night sights, by contrast, are. They allow you to remain concealed while still giving you the advantage of using non-powered sights when things go dark.

A Weapon Light
There is a saying – what you can’t see can kill you – and it is true. This makes a weapon-mounted light one of the most important pistol accessories you can carry.

Of course, not all pistols have railed – but even though that would be difficult to configure with them can often still be outfitted with a trigger-guard mounted alternative.

A Reflex Sight
Reflex sights, like laser sights, can be useful in shrinking groups and making rapid follow-up shots. They also free you from the need to line up sights and enable you to make rapid follow-up shots.

Some pistols are better suited to this configuration than others, but most pistols are better paired with a red dot reflex sight than any other kind of optic. If you want to really shrink your groups over greater distances, consider one of these.

Ergonomic Grips
Ergonomic groups offer a number of significant advantages to handgun shooters which go far beyond making the gun “more comfortable.”

Sure, they do make the gun more comfortable, but let’s peel back the layers a bit.

A “more comfortable” gun indexes more naturally and can be fired with greater confidence. This helps to encourage greater confidence while shrinking groups and cutting time to target acquisition.

A “more comfortable” gun also helps the shooter manage recoil better, which can help counteract back habits like flinching. The more confident the shooter is, the more effective that shooter will be behind the platform.

So, “more comfortable” pistol grips are a really wise choice, for anyone who’s less than satisfied with the performance of their pistol or how it handles.

An Updated Magwell
There are some updated magwells available for certain models of pistols, which make it easier and more intuitive to feed a mag into the magwell. An updated pistol accessory like this can help shave milliseconds or even seconds off the time it takes to drop and load a new mag – which can help your score in the competition, and help you out in other, more important ways when it comes to personal protection.

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