Countertops That Impress: Ideal Choices for Columbus Kitchens

Granite Marble Columbus

Regarding kitchen countertops in Columbus, the possibilities range from the uncommon and high-end to the affordable and standard. 

Your budget, personal preferences, and the style of the space determine the finest countertop for your room. 

Certain supplies are timeless and always in style, while others are fresh to the market. 

Due to the level of difficulty, professional installation is required for all countertops. 

A kitchen renovation is one of the most transformational home improvements you can do. A kitchen redesign not only makes your room more functional and appealing, but it may also provide an exceptional return on investment. It is no secret that while house-buying, homebuyers seek kitchens and bathrooms; therefore, any money spent on a kitchen is money well spent. 

Consider the Types of Kitchen Countertops in Columbus

Changing up the countertops is an essential element of your kitchen remodel. You can choose high-end stone or entirely engineered products based on your budget. Some contemporary kitchen designs include surprising but aesthetically stunning countertop ideas that are unique and creative. Consider the various types of countertops on the market before beginning your kitchen makeover ideas and determining which sorts will work best for your project.

Laminate Countertops 

Because they are inexpensive and straightforward to install, laminate countertops are the typical option in many new homes in Columbus. Laminate countertops are available in various colors and designs since they are engineered utilizing MDF topped with a paper and resin combination subjected to heat and pressure. If you prefer to install laminate countertops, you can measure and order pre-cut pieces to suit your countertop space precisely.

Countertops Made of Solid Surface

Solid surface worktops are a good compromise for homeowners who want a bit more substance than laminate countertops but still want a reasonably cost choice that is durable and attractive. Solid surface counters, like laminate, are built entirely of engineered materials. Instead of using heat to bond different materials, solid surface countertops are constant from top to bottom.

Natural Stone Countertops

Many homeowners for their kitchen countertops prefer natural stone, for instance, granite and marble. This is understandable given that granite kitchen countertops in Columbus have long been the gold standard for a high-end-looking kitchen. Although other types of kitchen countertops in Columbus have become popular, granite remains a classic option to stylishly modernize your kitchen while increasing the value of your property. 

Natural stone countertops must be meticulously measured and cut to exact dimensions because they are mined in enormous quarry slabs. Natural stone has not been changed or blended with artificial materials. As a result, they must be sealed for protection regularly during installation. Because genuine stone can crack if mishandled, professional installation is required.

Quartz Countertops

Despite being a newer creation than some of the other options, Quartz kitchen countertops Columbus quickly gained popularity and continue to be a top choice. They are popular countertops because they incorporate the beauty of natural stone with the consistency of solid surface material. This is one of the more expensive options because of the popularity of engineered quartz and the elaborate method used to create it. 

Manufacturers blend bits of natural stone, silica, and glass that would be otherwise wasted with a small quantity of resin to bind the product into a solid material to create engineered quartz countertops. Because quartz countertops are made from waste materials, they are considered a greener choice than others.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete, a relatively new countertop material, has grown in popularity due to its contemporary and streamlined appearance. To make a concrete countertop, the surface can be measured, & the concrete can be poured to exact specifications offsite before being delivered to your kitchen for installation. Alternatively, you can create a mold directly on your cabinets and pour the concrete on-site. Concrete, however, allows you to build a free-form shape for your countertop. This adaptability appeals to homeowners who want the freedom to choose a shape that complements the space.

Another advantage of concrete is its ability to be colored with dyes. The texture is also altered to meet your requirements. Once completed, the countertop is sealed and regularly resealed to remain functional.

Tile Countertops

Another viable option for kitchen countertops Columbus that is frequently overlooked is ceramic tile. Grout is required between tiles, which many homeowners see as a disadvantage. When grout is sealed correctly and resealed regularly, it does not collect moisture or food debris like unsealed grout. Using tile is appealing because you can complete your project with any shape, color, or size tile. If cost is an issue in your renovation, tile is one of the most affordable options. Although many homeowners are comfortable doing their tiling, the tiles must be perfectly level and lined up. Uneven tiles, such as a kitchen counter, can make it challenging to use a surface properly. 

Choices for High-Quality Kitchen Countertops Columbus

Finding an experienced reliable home services expert to help you choose and install your project could make an enormous difference in the look of your kitchen, regardless of the type of countertop you choose. From fully engineered solid surfaces and quartz to natural stones such as granite or soapstone, your dream kitchen is within reach when you contact a company such as Dinesh Bafna’s Mont Surfaces, willing to assist you in realizing your vision. Mont Surfaces, a division of Mont Granite, Inc., is a significant supplier of delicate surfaces for residential and commercial applications. It offers over 400 distinct natural stone varieties (granite, marble, onyx, soapstone, travertine, and quartzite), Engineered Quartz, and Porcelain Slabs. If you are in Columbus and are searching for a company to assist you with renovating your kitchen countertops Columbus, putting your faith in trusted professionals is always a wise investment.

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