Custom Laptop Builders Are Becoming An Essential Service

After the events of 2020, people had the opportunity to explore activities that required a lot more interaction with the online world. Things like remote work and eCommerce saw a tremendous spike in use. Social media and streaming services also had a breakthrough with more homes than ever consuming online content.

But there is another industry that saw tremendous growth: video gaming. When even the OMS said that playing games at home contributed to the worldwide efforts to flatten the curve, video game downloads spiked, and online gaming server use went through the roof.

Two years later, we are slowly going back to normal. However, now that more of us have discovered the joys of gaming as a hobby, there should be a way to carry it with us wherever we go, the same way we now can call any place on earth our office (provided we have internet access).

For those of us who enjoy playing our favorite games on high-performance gaming PCs, it seems we cannot escape being shackled to the wall via power chords and ethernet cables. Today´s best titles demand a lot of processing power, and huge amounts of energy, generating tons of heat and noise. And all of that must be contained inside bulky and glowing gaming PC towers.

“Are you, clever and extremely knowledgeable writer, saying that the only way to quench my thirst for triple A-games and graphics-demanding Battle Royale games is by having a desktop gaming PC?” I hear you say.

Fortunately, no.

While desktop computers still have the upper hand when it comes to the ability to house incredibly powerful processors and multiple graphics cards, you don’t really need any of that to play video games today. In fact, most titles today are so optimized that they can be played on laptops without any noticeable drop in performance.

However, not every laptop is the same. Computer components play a huge role in performance, and this is truer when talking about portable gaming laptops. Their compact design and limited interior space give you little room for experimentation. Every component must fit inside the hull, and work seamlessly together with all the other parts if you want to unlock the full power of your gaming rig. That makes it difficult for users to customize their gaming laptops or find exactly what they need for their specific requirements.

Fortunately for you, discerning reader and avid video game enjoyer, there are custom laptop builders dedicated to providing high-end gaming laptops for those who understand the advantages of having a portable gaming rig.

CLX Gaming is the perfect example of a gaming PC boutique store with an intuitive and all-encompassing custom laptop builder. When you visit their website, you have immediate access to the widest array of components and parts, and even have total control over the aesthetic features of your next gaming laptop. You can compare between features and components to see how each one affects performance in your favorite games, making sure you get exactly what you need all in one neat package.

The best part is that their staff will expertly put your gaming laptop together and ensure that each component works at maximum efficiency, so you know nothing is underutilized. This means you get exactly what you pay for, and that your new rig will be able to play the best current and future games for the next few years.

If you´re looking for high-performance gaming computers, CLX Gaming certainly stands out. Their custom laptop builder is incredibly easy to use and all of their products come with a lifetime labor and technical support warranty.

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