Customize Your AEG and Boost Performance with These Airsoft Gun Parts

The great thing about some AEGs (most, even) is that in a sense you can treat them like a blank slate. Some creativity, a little ingenuity, a touch of elbow grease, and the right airsoft gun parts can turn a run-of-the-mill electric gun into a full-bore yeet cannon – and best of all, when you personalize yours, there will be nothing else like it.

Of course, a helpful YouTube tutorial never hurt either. Start here and get cranking by upgrading these internal parts.

1. Mosfets
A metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor, (far) more commonly known as a MOSFET unit, is a small electrical device that can be used to boost an AEG’s power and trigger response. A MOSFET may also be able to improve an AEG’s rate of fire – and most importantly, it can potentially protect against trigger contact burnout.

2. A new gearbox
Some AEGs come with stock metal gearboxes that have metal bearings, and many of them are upgradeable. In any instance, if your AEG’s gearbox does not contain metal gears or bearings, it should be upgraded immediately. Over time, and with hard use, the teeth of the gears (as well as the bearings themselves) can deform, melt or break, crippling the action of an electric airsoft gun. Get ahead of the curve and replace yours.

3. A more powerful motor
There are two main metrics associated with AEG motors, both of which are in a constant, delicate balance – speed and torque. The higher the speed, the quicker the cycling of the action and the faster the rate of fire, and the higher the torque, the more powerful the AEG and the higher the FPS.

While it is true there is a tradeoff between these two metrics if your current motor does not deliver the desired speed and torque, simply dropping in a new motor can improve both of them.

4. Springs and guides
An AEG’s spring, which drives the piston forward, is one of the most important factors in speed and power. Simply replacing the spring with a more powerful model may give your airsoft gun a boost in performance – namely in muzzle velocity.

While your mind might wander to GBB airsoft guns when you hear the term “spring guide” if your AEG will accept a spring guide, it’s worth adding one or replacing the stock spring guide. The guide will help prevent spring fatigue and kinking, preserving the performance and extending the lifespan of the spring.

5. Bushings and bearings
In some instances, you might want to upgrade your gearbox set on a granular basis with updated bushing or bearings. Perhaps you are happy with the performance of your gearbox or motor, but the bushings or bearings are made of plastic.

Plastic internal components will shear, deform, melt or break long before metal components. Simply replacing these can add significant life to your AEG.

6. Pistons and piston heads
The piston, which engages the teeth of the motor’s gears and is powered forward by the spring, is instrumental in the smooth operation of your AEG. some AEGs come with pistons that have plastic teeth, which can shear or deform all too easily. In some instances, replacing your piston or piston head can significantly boost AEG performance and extend the lifespan of internal components.

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