Do You Really Need a Gun Parts Kit?

The short answer is probably no. You can get the parts you need from a gun shop or a firearms parts supplier like SARCO, Inc., provided you are familiar with the platform and know the part you need. Even if you aren’t, their experts will help you find what you’re looking for.

That said, there are many good reasons that a gun parts kit can still be very valuable. There are several projects that a gun parts kit will support, too.
It Depends On Your Project: What You Can Do with a Parts Kit

While you may not need one, there are enough good reasons to purchase them that demand remains high. It ultimately boils down to what you need one for.

● Building/rebuilding a gun
Because federal law generally allows non-prohibited individuals to finish receiver or frame blanks and home and construct assembled, functioning firearms for personal use, one of the many reasons for buying a gun parts kit is to create a finished firearm.

Be aware, though, this is not legal in several states, including New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Connecticut, Washington, and Washington, D.C. There are also proscriptive laws on the books in California, too. Laws are also constantly changing; consult a lawyer before taking possession of or altering a receiver blank.

Another reason is to restore or rebuilt an antique rifle. Many old service rifles come from consignments or out of storage in barely recognizable condition. A corresponding gun parts kit can give enterprising tinkerers the ability to give them new life.

● Replacing lost or failed parts
Over time, and with use, all parts of a firearm will wear to some degree or fail. Spring fatigue, extractors break, firing pins snap. Magazine springs fatigue and fail. Even barrels and stocks wear down and need to be replaced. A gun parts kit will have what you need to make the replacement and it’ll be on hand.

● Keeping reserve parts
Gun parts kits will also have most if not all of what you need to make repairs or replacements when springs or pins do fail or go missing. It’s worthwhile for some shooters or collectors to keep parts kits on hand for that reason alone.

● Making upgrades
It’s also the case that some gun parts kits come with parts that are compatible with original platforms but superior to the original components. For example, some parts kits may come with nitrided barrels or improved trigger groups that will serve the function of not only a replacement but also an upgrade.

What Comes with a Gun Parts Kit
Generally speaking, a gun parts kit will contain all of the parts and hardware you need to assemble a functioning firearm, minus the frame or receiver, typically for legal reasons.

However, some complete build kits come with unfinished frames or receivers, known as receiver blanks or 80% receivers.

In the case of firearms like sporting rifles that have both upper and lower receivers, be aware of the type of parts kit you’re looking at. Many have parts for only uppers or lowers, but not both.

In addition, build kits sometimes do not contain magazines, which will have to be purchased separately.

Where Can You Get a Gun Parts Kit?
If you’re looking for complete gun parts kits – especially for historically significant arms platforms like the M1911 or M1903, set a straight course for SARCO, Inc., at SARCO, Inc., is one of the world’s largest suppliers of firearms and parts, especially for hard-to-find platforms.

Check out what’s available on their website via the link above or get in touch with them directly at 610-250-3960.

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