Does A High End Gaming Computer Really Make A Difference?

This is a question that gets asked a lot among gamers. Does having a high-end gaming computer really affect the way we play our games?

There are two schools of thought on this.

There is the performance junky school. These are the people you see on Reddit constantly commenting on how they push their computers and components to the limit to get every last hertz out of their clocks. They aren’t necessarily gamers. You could say they use games as testing platforms for their rigs and they only get a kick out of the FPS they manage to achieve. After that, they turn the computer off again and proceed to keep tweaking components.

There is nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, one can argue that these are the people actually driving the technology forward.

There are, of course, gamers among them, and they do think it is important to have a high-end computer to experience the game the way the devs intended. Reducing load times, guaranteeing faster refresh rates, and making sure the input/response lag is reduced to a minimum, all contribute to making your game more immersive as your brain chooses to forget you´re in a fictional world for a while.

The second school of thought will tell you that a game does not need to look great to be enjoyed. Any slightly favorable circumstance that lets you play your favorite game is good. If you can play Doom on a pregnancy test, then the pregnancy test is good for gaming. This minimalistic approach has its merits, and there are publishers and developers dedicated to creating games that can be run in a potato.

However, a slow 5 years old PC will make the whole gaming experience a pain, even if you´re running Space Cadet. Just turning an old PC on means a ton of waiting for it to load the OS so you can even start running basic apps. When playing online, mouse response is slow making and low FPS hurts decision making turning you into a sitting duck. Moreover, having an old PC puts severe restrictions on the kind of games you can play. Playing recent games becomes an ordeal or is outright impossible.

Is There A Balance Between These Two Positions?

Of course. As with many things in life, the optimal answer depends on a combination of what you want, what you need, and what you can afford.

We can indeed invest in a decent computer that meets the minimum requirements of your favorite games. However, that rig will have an extremely short lifespan, and components will slowly degrade, making it slightly more exasperating to operate with time.

If you have the money, it is always better to get a high-end gaming computer. The transition from a decent rig to a custom-made computer with current-generation components can be noticed by even the most casual of users. The zippiness when opening a browser, and the smoothness of the mouse response, are usually astounding. Running your favorite programs and games becomes a pleasure instead of a chore, and you can be sure your computer will continue to deliver incredible performance for years to come, giving you the ability to play the latest titles as soon as they launch without any loss in performance.

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