Does a MOSFET Make Sense for My Airsoft Gun?

If you have a high-end AEG with a really powerful battery and great trigger response, but you’ve needed to replace the trigger more times than you would’ve liked, the culprit may be the battery.

Unfortunately, high-end performance comes at a price, and some powerful batteries are tough on trigger contacts. Keeping everything running fluidly requires a little in-depth knowledge of how it all works.

That being said, if you have burned through more trigger groups than you would have liked, there may be something you can do about it without needing to compromise on the power of the battery.

Luckily, there are some airsoft gun parts – specifically MOSFETs – that may be practical in preserving your trigger contacts with no loss of power.

What Is a MOSFET and Why Does It Matter?
A MOSFET is a small electrical device known as a metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor. These devices are commonly used for switching and amplifying signals in circuits. They have a wide range of uses in electronics.

One of their most interesting uses, however, is in airsoft.

If you have an electrical airsoft gun, the trigger works by bringing two metal contacts when it is pulled. This allows electrical current to flow from the battery, through the trigger contacts, to the motor that operates the whole platform.

However, with some high voltage batteries – like 11.1V LiPo batteries – the voltage is high enough to cause arcing between the trigger contacts. If you continue to use an airsoft gun and arcing occurs between the trigger contacts during use, eventually the contacts will burn out and fail, and your trigger will stop working.

You can replace the trigger, but then you’ll eventually have the same exact problem all over again. How long it takes varies on the quality of the trigger, the voltage of the battery, and how frequently you play – but what’s important here is you don’t need to keep replacing trigger units.

You may be able to solve the problem with a MOSFET instead.

When you install a MOSFET in an AEG, it helps protect the trigger contacts from the excess voltage of certain batteries. This allows the current to flow from the battery to the motor without going through the trigger.

MOSFETS, when included in the wiring of an airsoft gun, contain a special wire known as a signal wire that uses a very small current to let the unit know when the trigger is pulled. Then the unit allows the current to flow from the battery to the motor.

In addition to preserving the airsoft gun’s trigger contacts, a MOSFET can also boost the performance of an AEG by improving trigger response and potentially boosting the rate of fire when the airsoft gun is used in full-auto mode.

Where Can You Get These (and Other) Airsoft Gun Parts?
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They carry a wide range of popular MOSFETs, such as Gate Titan MOSFETs, JeffTron Leviathan MOSFETs, and many others from ASG, G&G, Perun, JAG Arms, and others – all offered at great prices and covered by a price match guarantee.

If you have any questions about how they work, how to install them, or just what kind you’ll need for your AEG, get in touch with their customer service team at 800-581-6620.

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