Enjoy Commercial Grade Filtration with Everpure H54

Water filtration systems from Pentair’s Everpure brand come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In-home filtration systems may not seem necessary to many homeowners, but they provide peace of mind as well as a way to avoid paying exorbitant prices for expensive bottled water. The Everpure H54 water purification system is small enough to fit under most kitchen sinks and offers excellent results.

Improved Taste and Remove Contaminants
Filtration is obviously a great way to remove foul tastes and odors, but that is not the only reason to install a filter. Impurities can be found in water that seems to be clean and clear. Until it comes out of the tap, water moves through a wide range of different conditions between being processed at treatment plants and moving through the watershed itself. An extensive range of different potential contaminants can impact your water during any part of its journey to your faucet.

Invisible Pollutants Can Affect Water Quality
Because of rust buildup in the metal pipes that it travels through, tap water sometimes contains iron deposits that should be avoided. Reddish-brown colored water comes from the iron in the pipes, which dissolves into it. Even while the iron is not harmful to your health in small amounts, it produces a metallic taste to water and can discolor clothing when washed.

How Does Everpure H54 Fit In?
Finding the best water purification system for your house involves a lot of considerations. The Everpure H54 water filter may be the ideal option for you if the size is one of your primary concerns. If you have a small kitchen, this compact filtration system is the perfect option.

Cartridges are the key to Everpure’s success, with their easily replaceable metal filter cartridges being a part of all of their home filtration systems. Everpure’s Micro-Pure filter media may be found within each cartridge. With this carbon filter media blend, your filtration system can remove tiny particles and pollutants from your water supply with ease.

The average height of an Everpure water filtering system is 22 inches. The H54 is only 15 inches long. If you have a tiny kitchen, this is a great way to save room beneath your sink. Because of their modest size, these systems are perfect for RVers who have limited space and need a built-in water filtering system.

What Else Does the H54 Do for Your Home’s Water Supply?
In addition to delivering exceptional filtration quality, the H54 has been certified to minimize scale accumulation. The buildup of lime and scale on your faucets and other water-using fixtures is caused by metal ions dissolved in your water.

The most common cause of this issue is caused by calcium and magnesium ions. The scale may build up over time when water is boiled and evaporated in appliances like coffee makers and kettles. Filters like the H54 can extend the life of these appliances by keeping them running more effectively.

In addition to providing water softening and filtration, the H54 is also quite simple to use. In keeping with the simplicity of the Everpure water filtration systems as a whole, these filters are designed to be easy to install and maintain.

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