Essential Hair Products for Black Women’s Hair

In the natural hair community, you will find many people who are absolutely confident that their hair care tips should work for anyone with coily, kinky, curly hair. However, you will quickly find that this is just not the case across the board.

Although there are many things that textured hair needs universally, it is important to remember that everyone’s hair is different. Some ingredients or types of products will work perfectly well for some people and just not as well for others. We all need to employ different techniques, styles, and types of hair products for Black women’s hair. You have to get to know your hair, what it needs, and what it responds well to in order to maintain it.

But that still leaves the matter of which products are typically loved for textured hair. There are some “holy grail” favorites that many people swear by, and for good reason. Hair care routines are personal and natural hair is all different, but there are still many things that generally work for all types of textured hair.

Some hair products for Black women’s hair are staples in people’s routines, so it is least worthwhile to make them a part of your own natural hair care routine to form an opinion of your own. You might even find that these are essentials for your hair as well.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
You would be hard pressed to find textured hair that does not love moisturizing hair products. Moisture is curly hair’s best friend and a welcome addition to any hair products for Black women’s hair. Hydration helps keep natural hair healthy and elastic so the curls keep springing back into place perfectly.

It is important that you keep your curls and coils hydrated, and sometimes that means using a treatment product like a deep conditioning hair mask. After washing your hair, apply a hydrating deep conditioner to your hair from root to ends and let that sit under a cap for the recommended amount of time on the product. Your hair should come out feeling much softer and replenished after rinsing it all off.

You can work this into your hair routine every wash day, or you can use it as needed once or twice a month. It is up to you to determine how much would help your hair to thrive and do its best.

Leave-In Conditioner
Since natural hair loves extra moisture so much, it is a good practice to add some hydration throughout each step in your normal wash day routine. After washing your hair and getting ready to start styling it, you may be tempted to start applying your styling creams, butters, or gels right away. We know that this is a common habit some people fall into in the interest of saving time, but it is one we advise against.

Instead of jumping straight into your hair stylers, we encourage you to first apply a light layer of leave-in conditioner to give your strands an extra boost of hydration. This is a good practice to keep especially if you have found that your hair feels a little too dry throughout the week before your next wash day. Leave-in conditioners make great hair products for Black women’s hair that needs extra hydration beyond a moisturizing styler.

Be sure to add these hair products for Black women’s hair into your routine and see how your hair and scalp respond. You can find some great products formulated using natural ingredients available online now at This is a Black owned business, so you could be buying products made for and by members of the community.

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