Everpure Water Filter Replacement: Everything You Need To Know

You must always have an Everpure replacement water filter on hand if you want your Everpure water filter to perform as advertised and provide the highest quality water. The quality of your water and how much of it you use determine how often you should change your filter cartridges.

Changing filters more frequently is necessary if your water contains a high concentration of sediment and/or particles as opposed to a low concentration of dissolved solids. Make sure to keep a supply of Everpure replacement water filters on hand in case you notice a decrease in flow rate and/or pressure from your filtration system.

How Difficult Is It to Replace the Everpure Water Filters?
Changing water filters is one of the simplest kitchen tasks you can do on your own. It is recommended that you replace your water filter at least once every six months, but this interval can be reduced depending on the quality of your water.

Why replace your cartridge? In the event that your water filter becomes clogged, your filtration system will no longer function at peak efficiency and prevent proper filtration. This not only has the potential to alter the flavor of the ice or water produced by your machine, but it may also reduce its lifespan.

How Do I Change My Everpure Replacement Filter?
1. First you should shut off the filter’s shutoff valve on top of the filterhead.

2. The next step is to completely remove the filter by giving it a quarter turn and carefully moving it out of the filterhead.

3. Finally, all you need to do is screw the new cartridge into place. Once the cartridge is secure, you can reopen the

4. But wait! Prior to use, the new filter needs to be flushed out for a few minutes. Flushing all carbon-based filters removes any remaining carbon fines from inside the cartridge.

Flushing also removes the air from new cartridges, which is why it’s necessary to do so after each replacement. Using this method, any carbon-based cartridge can perform at its best without affecting the attached equipment.

Why replace the water filter?
Failure to replace the water filter in your home or commercial water filtration system can lead to a variety of unpleasant surprises. Having a clogged water filter can result in improper function of your filtration system. As a result, filtration systems will not operate at peak efficiency and expensive equipment may suffer significant corrosion.

How frequently should I replace my filter cartridges?
Filters must be replaced on a regular basis if they are to function properly and provide the highest quality water possible.

Replace your water filters at least once every year and preferably once every six months. You should also replace your filter cartridge whenever you notice a decline in performance, such as a drop in flow rate and/or pressure or anything unusual regarding water quality.

If you have any questions about which Everpure replacement cartridge is best for your system, you can contact a member of the efilters.net staff to speak to one of their Everpure experts.

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