Fenlo Created The Perfect Curio Shelf For Your Home

Display shelves have always played a vital role in homes and workspaces. Walls filled with shelves and display cases from floor to ceiling have always been a common sight in most cultures, so having a curio shelf was almost a given in houses and halls at almost any time in history.

Shelves not only allow us to efficiently store books, or keep the items we need at eye level. They also improve the overall look of any room, increasing the aesthetic appeal and value of any home.

While shelves were put on a second plane when minimalism was all the rage, they are making a strong comeback as homeowners long for cozier spaces where their favorite things can be on display. This is especially true when we talk about Fenlo shelves with integrated LED lights.

Fenlo offers three amazingly functional versions of their creative designs:

Fancy 3-in-1 LED Display Shelf
The perfect combination between aesthetics and practicality, the Fancy luxury shelf case provides four solid and ample surfaces to place books, family photos, and collectibles while keeping under the spotlight with a soft yet radiant glow. It is perfect for any room that will benefit from enhanced illumination and extra surfaces.

Fancy Edge
A corner unit with four sturdy shelves that make it perfect for any living space, and allows you to store and display items efficiently. These are perfect for maximizing space usage, especially in smaller rooms.

Fancy Plus
A rectangular display or curio shelf that will enhance any room you place it in. It has four solid shelves with enough space for books, plants, or your favorite mementos from past travels.

Benefits Of Fenlo Shelves
Both models incorporate four completely dimmable LED poles so your collection is always a focal point in your room. So, instead of having to buy an extra floor lamp, the Fancy shelves provide a natural-looking glow that helps you have more control in terms of ambiance and mood. You can choose among three settings, warm, natural, and high visibility, with a tap of a toe. The LED poles are controlled via a practical and discrete footswitch, so you leave the cable out of sight and still find the switch easily.

What surprised me the most was the build quality of these amazing shelves. The wood poles of the frame are incredibly well built, and stand an average of 70 pounds per square inch, making them solid as a tree. Fenlo also uses an environmentally friendly process for protecting the shelves. Instead of paint or harmful chemicals, they use a chemical-free UV coating that emits no odor and lasts longer than regular wooden furniture.

Moreover, they are extremely easy to assemble. It took our team an average of 20 minutes to place a great-looking curio shelf in the living room corner, and a convenient and properly lit corner shelf in the bathroom for supplies. The finished product makes everything you place on the shelves stand out. It is perfect for helping you locate your favorite book, or grant your bar a modern look by giving your bottles and drinks a complementary backlight.

You can find these cleverly designed shelves and more at Fenlo. They are an environmentally responsible brand that focuses on home decor and the maximization of living spaces through high-quality tools and lighting.

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