Ford Truck Mirror Replacement Parts: Upgrades You Can [and Should] Make

Sometimes, an otherwise excellent machine or piece of equipment has a minor fault. In select Ford trucks and SUVs, that can be found inside of either the power-folding or towing mirror assemblies.

So what’s the deal, what can you do about it, and where can you get Ford Truck mirror replacement parts?

Ford Truck Towing Mirrors: What’s the Problem?
Ford trucks, including the F-150, 250, 350, 450, 550, and 650, made from 2008 to the present are manufactured with power towing mirrors that contain a plastic gear mounted to the motor drive shaft.

These plastic gears are brittle and are known to crack or break at minor impacts. Incidental contact with your towing mirrors can break the gears and disable the power fold/unfold function.

Worst of all, adverse conditions can also weaken the gears. Some truck owners that live in places with cold winters complain that frigid temperatures make the plastic gear even more brittle and prone to failure.

Ford will not sell you the gear and motor separately, instead forcing you to buy a whole new mirror assembly as a replacement (which, by the way, contains the same plastic gears that manifest the problem in the first place).

GruvenParts, by contrast, has produced far superior Ford truck mirror replacement parts.

They’ve created solid brass towing mirror gears for select Ford trucks (including the affected models mentioned above) which have hardened steel center shafts and are paired to high-torque replacement motors.

They are much stronger than the OEM gears and motor and are plug and play and ready to drop in. It’s a great way to save over a thousand dollars on the cost of replacing your mirrors, and the parts are much tougher and more reliable than Ford’s OEM replacements anyway.

Please note a few things: There are specific options for both passenger and driver’s side mirrors, so make sure you order the right one.

You will need two motors and two gears to fix one power-folding mirror, as well as power-extender motors to fix the power extenders on each side.

These gears are not intended to replace the power telescoping gears. If you need assistance with these, contact GruvenParts customer service team and they may be able to create a replacement solution for you.

A Separate Concern: Ford F-150 Power Folding Mirrors (Not Just for F-150 Trucks)
Ford truck power towing mirrors are not the only ones afflicted by the plague of the plastic spur gear. Select SUVs, including 2007-2014 Ford Expeditions have the same problem.

These plastic spur gears are subject to the same issues that affect the power-folding mirrors of Ford trucks, mentioned above.

GruvenParts has created a brass fower folding mirror gear replacement with a thicker cross-section that is stronger and resists cracking. This brass spur gear is designed to be mounted to the OEM motor shaft using epoxy. (Note: currently, they sell only the replacement brass gears and not replacement motors.)

They tested it, too, rigorously, through over 5,000 cycles, and it showed no signs of failing.

Where Can You Learn More About These Ford Truck Mirror Replacement Parts
Whether you need Ford truck mirror replacement parts for a failed power-folding mirror or a power tow mirror, is the answer.

Their replacement parts are backed with a generous lifetime warranty from GruvenParts, so you can make the repairs or upgrades in confidence. They’ve also extensively and rigorously tested their replacement parts.

For more information about their Ford F150 Side Mirror Parts, you can visit their website or contact them for assistance.

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