Geomatic Services and Land Survey

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your property, or a construction company looking for accurate data and measurements to start your project, geomatics services and land surveys are what can give your project a solid foundation. Geomatic services provide simple solutions to challenges faced in a spatial domain. A land survey is a branch of geomatic service that is used to measure complex land surfaces with accuracy.

Read along to know more about geomatic services and land surveys in detail.

What are Geomatic Services?
Geomatics is the study of the collection, distribution, storage, analysis, processing, and presentation of geographic data and information. It is a branch of science that uses modern technology and mathematics to collect data.

Many organisations and industries such as the construction industry and software industry use this gathered data to meet clients’ demands and provide them with accurate data. We can see the applications of Geomatics everywhere today. Relatively a new field of study, geomatics is now gaining momentum among every sector in the industry.

Geomatic Services cover a wide range of subjects such as:

● Mapping

● Surveying

● Remote Sensing

● GIS (Geographical Information System)

● Navigations

What is Land Survey?
Land surveying is a discipline of geomatics concerned with measuring and understanding the Earth’s surface. It can be seen getting used in planning and designing projects including buildings, dams, skyscrapers and many more.

Land Surveyors are experts in this branch of geomatics. They work on various projects such as infrastructure planning and design, land development, and construction. Their role is to make sure that the client’s property is carefully assessed and measured to rule out any boundary and encroachment issues.

A land surveyor can also assist you in obtaining the greatest possible price for your property. They can identify whether the property has any issues that may reduce its value and help you in selling it for the highest potential price.

Land Surveying is an important step in starting a new construction or development project on a property. Here are some of the benefits of setting your land surveyed:

● It can help you make informed decisions

● It can help you save money

● It can save you from any future boundary disputes

● It can help you comply with the municipal laws and regulations

Core Geomatics is a Calgary based team of professionals offering a full range of geomatic services including land surveying, GIS (Geographical Information System) and topographic Surveys for the commercial, residential, and governmental markets. Their skilled employees can assess your project’s requirements and quickly meet your request to provide a customized solution.

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