Geomatics Land Surveying: The First Step Towards a Profitable Future

We Make Your Data Visible
Whether you are looking to assess your land for real estate development, subdivision plans, property line adjustments (for the purpose of building a fence or retaining wall), the construction/renovation of a home or understanding your grading and drainage plans, a geomatics land surveying can come in handy to identify the nitty-gritties of your property.

As one of Calgary’s leading geomatics land surveying services, we use the latest equipment to help our clients measure and map their lands with the utmost accuracy. We also equip you with the right information that allows you to establish the boundaries between two different properties, which may contain a disagreement.

Get Geo-information Right In Your Hands
We offer a full range of land surveying services, including boundary surveys, topographic surveys, construction surveys, as-built surveys, contour maps, legal descriptions, field surveys, GIS mapping, data collection & editing services, GPS surveying, geodetic control data collection, and much more!

You can use our services for a variety of purposes, such as:

● Determining the position of existing features on your site, such as buildings, survey markers, fences, and monuments.

● Identifying new features on your site, such as property corners, fence lines, or driveway entrances.

● Measuring distances and areas between existing and new features.

● Determining elevations for various points within your survey area by measuring horizontal angles from an established benchmark to locations in the field (with an electronic or optical level) or using a GPS receiver to take elevation measurements directly in the field.

● Mapping for site planning and understanding the environmental impact of your plans.

● Determining coordinates for positions in the field by taking GPS readings from locations in the field directly with a GPS receiver or by using an electronic distance-measuring instrument (EDM) at known positions.

● Understanding the legal obligations that your site has to both the local and federal government before you can make any improvements or changes.

Enjoy Highest Accuracy And Quality In Service
Core Geomatics provides a full range of land surveying services including boundary and title surveys for residential, commercial, and recreational projects to empower you to shape, size, and position the world around you with confidence and precision. We provide upfront land valuation services, realistic land development plans as well as an array of geomatics services to clients across Western Canada.

We have built our reputation on providing exceptional service while meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations. And our knowledge and insights ensure that we are able to provide the highest quality surveys on time within your budget.

With over 10 years of experience in providing services in the areas of land assessment, construction staking, GIS mapping, site design, and environmental planning, Core Geomatics has the expertise you need to get the job done. Get in touch with us.

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