How and Where to Wear Your Fox Fur Hooded Coat

Now that we’ve officially hit wintertime, there’s really no other way around the fact that it’s going to be cold…for a long time coming. While some of you may enjoy the cold and some of you may want to stay in the comfort of your bed until spring rolls around, eventually, you will need to prepare yourselves for bracing the outdoors. Whether you’re going on a winter-time walk to enjoy the snow or just trying to run some quick errands, you need to bundle up to keep warm.

Sure, you can bundle up with multiple layers from head to toe, but you’ll end up probably being pretty uncomfortable and maybe even overheating while outside. There’s a good balance to be had when dressing for warm weather. While it can be super cold outside, you need some sort of coat that can give you nice temperature control. There are such winter coats out there, believe it or not.

And those coats don’t come with fancy fabric technology that promises all these outlandish claims. There really is only one type of coat that can truly keep you warm during the winter, and pretty stylish might I add is a fur coat. Fur coats have traditionally and historically been the go-to outerwear choice for many who live in frigid climates. Fur coats, made from fox fur in particular, are beautiful and versatile pieces of clothing that can be worn in many different ways and for many different occasions.

For anyone who has worn a fur coat before, they know firsthand the benefits and luxuries. But it’s about how and where you decide to wear these real fur coats is what matters.

How to Style Your Fox Fur Hooded Coat
Now for people who are living in wintery tundras, a hooded coat is highly recommended and would suit your lifestyle very well. While you can also throw on a beanie or a hat, fox fur collars attached to a fox fur coat is the ultimate combination for this coat to keep you optimally warm.

For some, just throwing on a fur coat over any old outfit doesn’t do the trick. If you’re out running errands, maybe it’s best to keep comfortable. However, if you’re going out to dinner with friends or family, or trekking out to see Christmas lights, then you may want to pair your fur coat with something more suitable for the occasion.

What’s so great about fox fur, is that it can come in multiple different colors. Colors such as red, brown, and silver are among the most popular from this kind of fur. You can match a multitude of different outfits with whatever color fox fur coat you have.

For a blustery winter day, pairing your fur coat with a thick cable knit sweater, some warm trousers, and a nice pair of thigh-high boots is a classic look that will keep you protected and warm, yet presentable enough for those winter nights on the town.

For a fancier look, you can wear a nice winter wrap dress, one that is floor length and has long sleeves for extra warmth. With the combination of a dress and a fox fur hooded coat, you’ll be the most stylish person in the room.

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