How Calgary Real Property Reports Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Core Geomatics is a leader in delivering Real Property Reports (RPRs). With our modern fleet of equipment, we can provide accurate reports in record time and help you meet your deadlines no matter where you are in the process. 

From information presentation to strategic analysis, Core Geomatics specializes in the publishing of legal and commercial property and land title documentation of both public and private land. We offer all kinds of details on your property, including data related to mapping, cadastre, engineering, and surveying. We also provide photo mapping services for utility and redevelopment projects.

For more than a decade, our reports have proven to be extremely resourceful for:

● Property management companies
● Law enforcement
● Investors who wish to sell their property
● Homeowners wishing to sell their property
● Construction companies
… among more. 

Professional, Responsive, And Dependable Service At Competitive Rates
Core Geomatics is a Canadian-owned Calgary Real Property Reports company providing property information services to both investors and existing property owners, who wish to know more about their purchase. 

Our Real Property Reports are essential in identifying the shortcomings of the property, boundaries, and various legalities associated with the property. We offer a range of services, which include the interpretation of 3D seismic data, digital terrain modeling, and location-based surveys. Our team also combines their geological expertise with our technological capabilities to provide you with professional insights into your reports so that you are able to use the data to your advantage. 

Work With Industry Experts To Get The Most Reliable Reports
A Real Property Report (RPR) is a document that provides a property owner and interested parties with information about the real property, its title, and any concerns that affect the value of the property or may restrict the use of the land. Understandably, you need experts to deal with such a crucial survey. 

Core Geomatics, one of Calgary’s leading providers of land surveying and real property reporting services, has been providing you with accurate and in-depth real property reports that are essential to your project’s success.

The staff at Core Geomatics is not only an expert in their respective fields but is also cross-trained in multiple areas. For this reason, we are able to pool our knowledge and provide you with a complete assessment of your property – from encroachments to development opportunities. 

We offer comprehensive RPRs that consist of aerial photography from multiple vantage points, digital mapping, and historical data to give you a profound understanding of your property. We understand the demands of the industry and the importance of a "time is money" business model. That is why we make every effort to provide you with your requested information as quickly as possible. 

All our reports are delivered on time, on an as-needed basis, to support your project requirements, so you don’t have to wait to make a decision. Get in touch with us

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