How drones are utilized for geomatic surveying?

Geomatics surveying can be referred to as the combination of on-field surveying efforts and applying the techniques of geomatics at once. Geomatics is considered to be an important tool for planning and monitoring social, economic, and various technical processes.

Geomatics is a systematic and multidisciplinary approach to selecting the right instruments, equipment, and technology for collection, storing, integrating, modeling, analyzing, retrieving at will, transforming, displaying, and distributing spatially geo-referenced data from various sources with accuracy and apt characteristics.

In the past few years, traditional surveying has been able to change a lot as well. This expansion has been due to vast developments and innovations in the area of geomatics. One such tool that has been able to help the geomatic surveying practices is drones or unmanned aerial vehicles.

So let us understand how drones and UAVs have been at the forefront of assisting the geomatic surveying industry.

Adoption of Drones/UAVs for Geomatic Surveying
Drones and UAVs have become an integral part of the geomatic surveying industry and are able to provide the right impetus.

A UAV is able to acquire data faster from a height in the form of high-resolution geospatial images. This data is often captured in several short flights that take place providing millions of data points. With the help of the planning software, the planner is able to chart a specific route, speed, altitudes, and hover times over a specific area.

Moreover, recent technological advancements also allow drones to land automatically, adding to their efficiency. With a slew of technological advancements, the accuracy for drone surveying has in fact dropped to under 1 centimeter.

Many new software packages such as Leica, Iwitness, Drone Mapper, etc have further improved the accuracy of 3D that’s even better than conventional aerial photography. These 3D images can enable construction project managers to get the images processed and study them from the comfort of their offices and homes.

Another advantage of drones and UAVs is the fact that it can access terrain that is otherwise treacherous or beyond the reach of humans. Sites such as landfills, hazardous waste dumps, natural disaster-affected areas can utilize drones to conduct a thorough survey while remaining in safety. Drones have given industries and businesses a very cost-efficient solution to conduct surveys.

As geomatics goes under a vast set of consistent innovations, there will always be innovations taking place. With the recent developments in the field of geomatics and the use of the right tools, it has been quite conspicuous how the industries relying on it have been able to transform,

With governments relying on geomatics for a variety of functions, its abilities and advantages are now clearly understood by the common man as well. Technological upgrades are arriving to assist the geomatics and its auxiliary industries at an unprecedented pace. This speed of innovation will allow businesses to make themselves more dynamic and put it to use for their own benefits.

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