How to Begin with Pokemon Go

In order to go out there and explore again, what better method is there than with a companion? Hopefully, lockdowns are behind us, everything has opened up, and travel is once again a thing. No, I’m not referring to humans; instead, I’m referring to Pokemon GO!

The popular program has received several upgrades since its debut in 2016 that brought new features and Pokemon. Nevertheless, now that the child down the street has a Mewtwo with 4000 CP and you don’t know what CP is since levels disappeared, do you still believe you can’t participate in the fun? Here are some suggestions to assist you travel from Pallet Town to the Pokemon League, so stop spiraling and gather your composure.

Picking your first Pokemon

The first big decision you are given with, like with every Pokemon trip, is choosing your first Pokemon, a historic event if not merely for nostalgia. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are the classic three from the first generation. Who you select now will not impact your game since genuine fights will not be on your radar for a time, so choose your favorite. Yet, anybody who wishes to channel their inner Ash should avoid the three. When you reach far enough, they will revive in front of you, and if you do this a few times, a Pikachu will appear for you to choose instead.

First Steps

Congratulations on obtaining your first Pokemon. Throw everything you’ve learned about Pokemon games out the window. The goal of this game is to capture anything that you can see. Do you see those five Caterpies? Capture them all. See how many Geodudes you have? You now have a total of eleven. Rather than fighting, catching Pokemon in this game is tossing massive numbers of Poke balls at anyone you’re attempting to capture until you catch it or they escape. Or until your Pokeball supply is depleted. This takes us to our second need.


The reason Pokemon GO is a wonderful exercise app is that you have to go outdoors unless you live adjacent to a Pokémon Stop. The most common method to get them is to stroll to the nearest PokeStop and spin it. This provides you balls, potions, and eggs, among other things, and you will rapidly run out of Poke balls if you do not frequent PokeStops on a regular basis. In addition to the typical health improvements, frequent walking will let you to hatch eggs and receive sweets from your Partner Pokemon. Now, go outdoors and start spinning those stops!

Picking a team

By catching Pokemon, you will gain Trainer EXP that will level you up, and when you reach level five you will have the option to join a team which will open up a lot of gameplay options. The options are Valor, Mystic and Instinct, each having its own mascot and flavour text but they don’t really differ beyond aesthetic. These are important for social aspects such as gyms as you will be working with other team members, so it might be a good idea to see who the prominent team is in your area and side with them. You can tell by the colour your local gyms are, which are essentially the taller PokeStops with Pokemon in them.

Powering up

So it’s been a few days, you’ve joined a team, and you’re surrounded by the fifty-two Rattata you’ve collected on your walks, but they’re all on CP, so it’s time to power them up. Candy is used to level up and evolve in this game, and you may get it in three ways: capturing Pokemon, transferring Pokemon, and strolling with a partner. But hold on, there’s more! The major indicator of a Pokemon’s strength is its CP. Nevertheless, IVs must be considered as well.

Appraising your Pokemon at the Pokemon screen will provide you with an overview of its Attack, Defense, and HP, as well as a star rating, which are the most essential numbers. When your Trainer Level increases, your maximum CP does not. A 100cp One Star Pokemon cannot compete with a 75cp Three Star Pokemon. Therefore, assess all of the Rattata, pick the greatest Three Star you can, transfer the others, and throw as much candy at them as you can.

Raids and Gyms

It’s time to do some fighting now that you have a Raticate that can gnaw through steel. Gyms and Raids are two of the most important elements in which you should engage. Gyms are team exercises in which one team defends or takes over the gym of the opposing team. You may remove the defenders of a rival gym and seize it for your own team by beating their defenders. You may leave a Pokemon to function as a defender if you possess one. You will lose access to this Pokemon for the while it is in there, but when beaten, they will return Poke Coins based on how long they have been inside.

Raids are community-wide events that occur at gyms at random. All players in the region may work together to fight an ultra-powerful pokemon of varying difficulty. After you beat this pokemon, you will be able to capture it using special Premier Balls. The number you get is determined on your performance in the raid combat.

There is much more to discover in this game, but these are the first stages that will prepare you for your journey to become a Drift Hunters.

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