How to Decide What Are the Best Vape Flavors?

No matter what your personal tastes are, you can always find vape juice flavors that make you excited to pick up your vape pen the first chance you get. Since people all have their own preferred tastes, vape brands have had to come out with lots of great tasting vape juice refills in all kinds of flavors. With all of these options right at your fingertips, the only things left to wonder are what are the best vape flavors and which ones you should try next. There are plenty of flavors that are completely distinct from one another for you to jump between as you decide which ones stand out to you the most. In our experience, vape liquid flavors can be looked at by category (which is way easier than looking at individual flavors) and best assessed in these groupings. Looking at vape juice flavors this way, you can decide for yourself, what are the best vape flavors for you to enjoy.

Sweet Fruits
Fruity flavors are often people’s introductions to vaping, like strawberry and mango. These options are pretty universally loved because of the sweet, familiar flavors that people feel like they can count on. Although sweetness is a big selling point for these vape juice flavors, they also have a considerable range of flavors across these different types of fruits. For many, the best vape flavors are absolutely fruit ones, but others will still contest that.

Smoky Tobacco
Some people just cannot get enough of the complex flavor that is tobacco, even after they leave tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes. Tobacco has a unique flavor that brings out bitterness, sweetness, earthiness, and other distinct notes to form this particular flavor. Regardless of any nicotine content, vape juice can be formulated to taste like a mild or bold tobacco leaf, which is a strong choice for anyone interested in this type of flavor.

Something Unexpected
Some alternative flavors win over people’s hearts time and time again, despite being less common. Flavors like coffee and vanilla stand out in our minds amidst the sea of your typical fruity flavors. They are a nice change of pace if you need something new and exciting. These kinds of vape juice flavors might be harder to find, but they are certainly a treat when you do manage to get your hands on them.

Minty & Fresh
Mintiness is a classic flavor that is hard to criticize even if you prefer other tastes. It is a fresh tasting flavor that brightens the senses and makes you feel just a little bit more confident in your breath before talking to someone. Original mint flavors and fruity mint are great for those who appreciate this special taste and enjoy the effect it leaves behind.

While this may not be a direct answer to the question, it does provide some perspective and puts the ball in your court. It gives you a bit of perspective and helps you to come to the conclusions on your own. If you haven’t given some of these vape juice flavors a chance, then now might be a good time for you to branch out and see how you feel about each one. Normally the best way to test new flavors is to pick out disposable vape pens since they give you a good amount of product to try for a short while. But if you already have a refillable vape pen or you are sure you will like the taste, you can also purchase vape juice refills for your pen. You can find all of these vaping devices and vape liquids online at They have a great formulation and lots of options, so that is a good place to start on your search for the best vape flavors of all.

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