How to Find the Best Vape Pen to Quit Smoking

With so many people trying out vaping as a tool to help them quit smoking cigarettes and actually finding success along the way, we have seen many others become encouraged to give it a try themselves, hoping this could be what they needed to quit for good. If you feel like vaping could potentially help you to quit smoking, then we certainly encourage you to try and even have some suggestions for how you can find the best vape pen to quit smoking.

Nicotine-Free Vape Juice
One of the best pieces of advice we could give to anyone just about to start vaping is to stick to nicotine-free vape juice formulas. It is better this way to avoid developing an addiction to the nicotine in vape juice, when you are already trying to quit it from cigarettes. Nic free vape juice is also a great choice because it creates a smoother puff as you vape and eliminates the throat hit sensation.

Options for Vaping Devices
Often when people are just getting started vaping, the first devices they use are disposable vape pens. These are great for beginners or those who want to vape casually because they are zero maintenance and easy to use. But for those who want to vape for a longer period of time, a refillable pen might be the better option. So we would generally recommend a refillable pen as the best vape pen to quit smoking since you will want to continue using it for a long while.

Intriguing Flavors
Ultimately, the best vape pen to quit smoking is the one that you actually use and make into a habit so you can work towards your goal. It doesn’t matter which vape pen you purchase if you never feel motivated to use it as a tool to help you quit. So it is important that you actually enjoy vaping and make the experience into something that you want to do in your free time.

This is where the vape juice flavors come in to play a role in your vaping experience overall and how they can incentivize you to keep vaping. Vape liquid comes in a wide variety of very distinct flavors from fresh mint to ripe mango and bold tobacco. This allows vape users to find their favorites and vape with them more often.

The best vape pen to quit smoking is one that comes in flavors you really enjoy and get excited to pick up, so that you will start to reach for it more as you reach for your cigarette and lighter less. You will want to look for vape brands that offer a considerable amount of options in terms of juice flavors so that you can have your pick.

Based on our experience with a number of vape brands, your best bet would probably be They offer a great selection of various nicotine-free vape juices, in different types of devices, so you can find the best ones to customize your vaping experience. Check out their vape products online and get yourself started with the best setup for your needs.

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