How To Perfect The Art of Curling Your Hair With a Hair Curling Iron

Do not worry, you’re not the only one who has trouble keeping a curl in your hair. A curling iron may not be something you’re familiar with, and that’s entirely acceptable. In order to curl your hair properly, you need to use the correct style products, figure out what temperature works best for your hair type, and take care of your hair as a whole.

To help you get the most out of your hair curling iron, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tricks and warning signs to watch out for while styling your hair. Here’s to finally perfecting the art of curling your hair.

Never Style Damaged Hair
Damaged hair may make styling harder. Hair is made of proteins and disulfide bonds hold them together. If these links in your hair aren’t shielded from the sun’s harsh rays, they might weaken and break down. This causes hair to become brittle and unable to retain a curl.

It just sits and lays flat.
Damaged hair is similar to that of dry hay. Curling dry hay just isn’t a good idea Basically, it’s jumbled and uncoordinated. Your hair is probably damaged if it seems drier or frizzier than usual.

Use The Correct Hair Curling Iron or Wand Size
There are a variety of curling styles that may be achieved with different iron sizes. If you have fine hair, a 1.25-inch barrel is ideal, while a smaller 1-inch barrel will give you coarser, more full curls. There are many different types of curling irons out there, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you get started. Since curling wands leave no clamp marks on your hair, they offer an advantage over curling irons.

Blow-Dry Before Curling
You’ve probably experienced the sensation of putting a hair curling iron on your hair and hearing it sizzle. That’s not a good thing. This typically happens when you’re hair is still slightly damp. You’ll achieve salon-quality results if you start with a proper blow-dry. Prepare your hair before blow-drying by using a heat protectant and products that will help hold the curl before you begin using the curling tool. It will not only protect your hair from overheating but will also help you get a more defined curl.

Use a Heat-Protectant Product
Using a heat protectant helps protect your hair from the heat generated by your styling products. Before blow-drying, you can apply a range of solutions to both dry and wet hair. Read the directions on any product before using it to make sure it’s appropriate for your hair type and hot equipment before you begin applying it to your tresses. It’s a good idea to wear a heat-protecting glove, especially if you’re using a curling wand, to keep your fingers safe and prevent any burns.

The Direction of Your Curling Iron
As a rule of thumb, you should always begin by pointing the clip of your curling iron away from your face. In this posture, your hand will have greater control over the iron, allowing you to achieve a more natural curl. From here, you may hold your iron either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. With the iron vertically held, the curls will be more wavy and bouncy, while the curls with the iron horizontally held will be tighter and more defined. For best results, hold the iron in a diagonal position.

Keep Your Curls From Being Tugged
You should only keep the curl on the iron for approximately five to eight seconds at a time, and no more than that. Once it’s cold, cup the curl in your palm again in another three to five seconds to keep it from drying out. Avoid tugging at your curls or taking the iron out of your curls and allowing them to fall. This will cause your hair to become stretched out and your curls to lose their form.

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