i-CAT CBCT Software Review: Tx STUDIO

For 3D volumes, CBCT systems typically include its own software that allows for a scan to be shared throughout the office because the images are too large to be saved and shared within traditional 2D imaging or practice management software.

i-CAT CBCT systems run using the Tx STUDIO treatment planning software, a feature-saturated software powered by Anatomage. Tx STUDIO is well known for its 3D workflow, seamless integration with 3rd party planning programs, CAD/CAM integration capabilities, and much more.

Let’s look at some practical features and clinical applications that help dental professionals optimize their workflow.

Treatment Planning
Designed to enhance the efficiency of your practice from diagnosis to treatment, the Tx STUDIO software provides you with immediate access to integrated treatment tools for surgical guides, dental implant planning, and other applications.

This software is simultaneously comprehensive and easy to use, providing both diagnostic and planning tools required for a number of scenarios, such as implants, endodontic surgical procedures, restorations, orthodontics, TMJ, and airway analysis.

Open Architecture
Sharing is caring even in your dental practice. With its open architecture, Tx STUDIO allows you to share your data with colleagues quickly and efficiently. Export STL files from your software so that your lab can create the final restoration based on the exact design preferred. These files also work with various CAD/CAM and 3D printing systems.

Open architecture also allows your i-CAT CBCT scans to seamlessly integrate with orthodontic programs, imaging software, CAD/CAM systems, and practice management programs. All of these integrations help expand your practice’s capabilities.

Clinical Applications
Tx STUDIO can assist you in handling all situations that come your way in your practice, from simple and routine to rigorous and advanced. The tools supplied by the Tx STUDIO are versatile and have numerous clinical applications. Below are just a few of such applications of this software and its i-CAT system.

Orthodontic Treatments
Uncovering orthodontic issues before and during treatment isa cornerstone usage of the Tx STUDIO software suite. This software can highlight and assist in the treatment of problems such as supernumerary teeth, hidden impactions, precise root angulations, exact condylar position, cortical plate distances, and airway volumes. You can’t get that with traditional 2D imaging.

Airway Analysis
Visualization of a patient’s airway is crucial as a constricted airway could lead to a possible sleeping disorder. This software permits you to automatically compute the patient’s total airway volume and view segmented areas of constriction, including the minimum cross-sectional area (MCA).

Surgical Guides
i-CAT is universally compatible with all leading surgical guide providers as it has implant-planning capabilities with unique open software and a fast scan workflow when expanded. Confidence, efficiency, and fewer complications: all are capable during treatments with surgical guides ordered through Tx STUDIO.

Panoramic X-Ray Uses
If you solely require a 2D panoramic image, i-CAT CBCT systems can create traditional 2D panoramic images without a 3D scan with help from its innovative and patented i-Pan feature. For those offices that perform various procedures for their patients and therefore require both 2D and 3D imaging, this is an ideal system to have.

The Renew Digital Difference
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